How Artificial Intelligence Can Save Human Lives

Have you played the old 2D snakes game? In which snake eats fruits and keeps growing with the number of fruits it eats. The only one thing that kills it is itself. If the level of the game (speed of snake) is kept moderate, one should finish the whole game. But no one can complete that game and the reason is ‘Human Error’. Human errors are the reason behind the failures of many human acts. Even while using machines, the human errors occurred in the operation of machines can affect the output of the machine. Building something with absolutely no human error is the sole reason behind the evolvement of Artificial Intelligent.
Artificial Intelligence is a technology which gives the machines ability to learn. By sensing the environment they can change their behavior. For example, Cleverbot is a talking robot which is able to hold a conversation with people. The responses made by the robot are not programmed. The robot uses its past conversations with humans and responses to the new conversations accordingly.
Smart Driving-
As stated above, by using artificial intelligence we can remove human errors from our daily routine. The most important thing it can do is making our vehicles accident proof. Self-driving cars will be able to tackle the accidents. Cameras and sensors are being installed to sense the possibilities of accident and algorithms will be used to do the most appropriate acts. Unlike humans, the car’s integral system will not drink and drive so it is safe to say that possibilities of accidents will surely fall.
Cancer treatment-
Artificial intelligence can be widely used for the treatment of cancer. As we know cancer is fatal and has no uniform nature it becomes very difficult to cure or stop it from growing. Cancer differs according to per patient; it depends on the part of the body where the tumor is grown, the metabolism of the person, genetics and the immunity possessed by a certain person. Along all the above parameters, it becomes very difficult for doctors to study the patient and give the prescription. It is very important to choose the best medication without any errors according to cancer. Artificial Intelligence can be used to derive the medication while learning from all the previous cancer cases which will increase the number of successful treatments.
Defense systems-
As the saying goes, ‘for Peace we must prepare for the War’. Even when most of the leaders of the world are supporters of peace, it is the responsibility of governments to keep defense system technically advanced. Although the likeliness of war in this modern world is quite low, we are still being threatened by the terrorism. Robots equipped with the Artificial Intelligence can do the ground work of the soldiers, which will definitely benefit the army and will save hundreds of lives.
The conception of Artificial Intelligence taking over the human intelligence has created trust issues among many inventors. But taking this technology towards great cause can save many human lives.
-Vikram Suryawanshi

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