How Creative Thinking Improves Cognitive Abilities in Kids

Thinking Improves

The 21st Century has witnessed revolutionary changes vividly ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI), UX industry, the growth of global influencers and the list goes on forever multiplying. The one monumental change witnessed by human kind has been that of the cognitive abilities in the 21st-century kids. Cognitive intelligence does not solely depend on the aspects learned at school and at home and one’s ability to understand them, its a fluid combination along with creativity. Creative thinking is mostly confused with being colourful and bright. Whereas, creativity is something as simple as thinking differently.

Creativity is not always inborn, it could be developed over time. This aspect is just a part of one’s thinking ability and the ability to be able to think apart from the rest. Kids with better creativity are considered to be more versatile and brilliant, whereas on the other hand kids with more recep capacity are said to be highly intelligent.

Such a level of creative intelligence could be attained at a young age. Kids these days can contemplate emotions exceptionally well. Such emotional maturity is achieved by numerous factors. Pets play a very vital role in the process. Growing up with pets or around pets is known to give rise to premature emotional intelligence. Pets allow kids to be more empathetic and have a better understanding of emotions. Such emotions could be overwhelming as an adult but kids have the innate ability to be able to adapt to them.

One of the important factors – what the seen and how they perceive it along with virtual reality. Visual aids such as television sets and video games are known to promote cerebral development. They allow children to engage with a surreal reality with fictitious cartoon characters. Cartoon characters have multiple colour patterns and consist of a wide pallet of colours which aid memory growth in kids as some of the colours can be perceived, by the neurons in the brain better than just plain black and white text. This also allows the kids to engage in imagination.

The most tried and tested method of them all is that of puzzle-solving and board games. This activity keeps the mind engaged and involved in the whole process of problem-solving. Speaking of problem-solving abilities, kids who have experienced one or more of the above-mentioned methods at least once in their lifetime, are highly prone to be great problem solvers or critical thinkers. Another major advantage is that this improves their ability to be able to adapt to situations and remain calm. Cranky kids are usually attention deficit and demand a lot of the same from their caregiver.

Indulging in creative activities will help kids maintain a calm disposition. Alongside these abilities, thinking extensively improves memory and attention span. This improves focus, reduces stress and promotes a positive attitude. vChildren also become more co-operative and are able to express their emotions without hesitation. Overall, it prepares kids to think out of the box and be able to deal with challenging situations that may come their way.

Creative play is an essential part of one’s childhood. Imagination is an ingredient of the cerebral part of the brain which is vital and the key element for intellectual growth. Providing kids with creative opportunities will enable them to understand the world around them.

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