Indian PR in Canada surge to 25.1%

Indian PR

According to a survey, one in four Indians were granted permanent residency status in Canada. 3.41 lakhs individuals who were granted a PR status in Canada in 2019, they had exceeded Canada’s immigration target by 10,000-85,585. This number accounted that approximately 25.1% of Canadian Residents were Indians. 2019 was the second consecutive year in which Canada had granted residency to around 3 lakhs foreign nationals.

PR is said to be equivalent to the United States green card. This allows the concerned individuals to work, live and study anywhere in Canada. After the completion of 5 years, they could apply for citizenship. The figures in 2019 showed that there was an increase of 6.2% over the 3.41 lakhs individuals allowed a PR in 2018. These figures when compared with the 2.86 lakhs of 2017, the rise is approximately over 19%.

This trend had been setting in and would be continued. The Canadian government had been planning growth of 3.5 lakhs for the upcoming year. The nationals to top the chart of countries were Indians. They showed a growth of 22.3% in 2018 and a growth of 66% when compared with 2017. Canada is not only granting PR to Indians, but also to the H-1B visa holders in the USA who have been waiting for years for receiving a green card.

The second country to grant residency to Indians was China. It has granted residency to close to 30,260 accounting for nearly 9% of the total population. The rise of immigrants in China was not very high with a minute percentage of 1.85%. When this rise was compared with the 2017 statistics analysis this rise was merely countable.

Past trends have accounted for the fact that about 80% of individuals opt for a Canadian permanent residency. The only ones who are not granted one are students, tourists and temporary working individuals who intend on staying for a few years.

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