How to Overcome the Business Stress Environment?

You may realize there’s nothing you can do about stress. The bill statements won’t stop coming, there will never be extra working hours in the day, and your work and family requirement will always be demanding. But you have a lot more to control than you might think.
Stress is enormously prevalent in the present  living society. Sleep deprivation, relationship woes, poor health and financial concerns can all pull their toll, however the main cause of stress is work related pressures.
High level of stress can worsen a long list of health issues, including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression. In addition to paying 60% more annually in health costs for stressed  employers, workers are dealing with additional consequences of stress that directly impact their profitability, such as loss of productivity, absenteeism, disengagement and turnover.
Every time work pressures are compounded by the ongoing troubled economy and nearly same news streams of  layoffs and foreclosures, meaning employees are perceiving the effects of anxiety and stress more than ever before. With this in mind, there have never been a more important time for employers to effect reducing stress a top priority. Some following points will help to enhance the organizational growth.
Leaders Behaviours
In order to reduce stress in the workplace, it’s important that managers lead by example. As a leader it’s critical to keep a lid on his own emotions; don’t let negativity, anger or stress rub off on employees. Practice what to preach and ensure to give enough time to de-stress at the end of the working day – go for a run, arranging trips with colleague or enjoy quality time with family. Likewise, arranging walking meetings rather than meetings in the boardroom, taking regular breaks and booking holiday will not only carry you in a better frame of mind, it will also point your employees that it’s okay to take some break.
Workplace Wellness
It has been shown time and time again, but exercise and a healthy lifestyle is extremely significant when it comes to fighting workplace related stress. Employee wellness schemes, such as paying for a portion of employee gym memberships or ongoing group-wide healthy eating challenges are a fine way to assist employees unwind and feel better about them.
Organizing new Social Activities
The more people enjoy their time at work, the better the atmosphere will be – and a better office atmosphere leads to creativity, productivity and collaboration. At least once a week set aside an hour to show your team together in a fun environment; play a game, walk out for lunch or arranging for a motivational speaker to come into the office. Social activity is good for lowering stress, team building, enhancing morale.
Converse with Employees
Open communication is censorious in leadership; keeping employees up to date regarding changes, their performance and expectation not only keeps them on track, but also lower feelings of stress and anxiety. As a manager be sure to keep your team abeam of the newest departmental changes and developments. What’s more, open communication is a good way street and the more you converse with your employees, the more possibly they are to share concerns, ideas and thoughts creating for much effective working relationships and a healthier overall company culture.
Serving a ‘CHILL OUT’ Space in the Company.
Sometimes people need 15 minutes to relax, re-group and disengage from technology and general work related interactions. Providing a quiet room, or a chill out zone where employees can pass a few minutes with their thoughts  and ideas can dramatically help overcome workplace stress and burnout. You can also give comfortable seating and paint the walls a neutral color – an enjoyable environment is good for enhancing happiness.
Ponder About Habbit
Every company cannot build its own workers’ village, complete with indoor bike lanes and health food restaurants, however, there is always room for improvement, particularly when it could enhance productivity and overall job satisfaction. Think about budgeting for some brighter, more modern office furniture, consider changing the color of the walls, invest into some new picture, introduce some plants in the office. Even small changes in the office will make the working environment conducive to work well. If you have the room, a Ping-Pong or foosball table will go a long way to improving employee morale too.
Flexible Working Environment
A major stress inducer, especially for women, is stringent working hours. Permitting employees to work distantly, or even on a flexitime scheme is shown to be fine for morale and thus profitability.  By making sure short of flexibility with open communication and by outlining clear expectations and parameters of the employees, a company can create a healthy type of  environment in the organization.
These kind of happier and healthier type of environment will definitely be beneficial for the company’s growth and will achieve the desired targets.
“Doing something that is productive is a great way to relieve emotional stress. Get your mind doing something that is productive.”

-Sachin Bhandare.

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