Hyperloop’s Proposal: Mumbai to Pune in 25 minutes

The travel time between Mumbai to Pune is about three hours by train. But if the proposed technology by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies makes its way, then the journey time would cut down to 25 minutes.
According to Hyperloop, they have developed a concept where a pod like vehicle travels through a vacuum tube, and it’s capable of attaining a maximum speed of 1200 km/hr, using less energy than conventional modes of transportation. As the technology is based on vacuum, it solves the problem of air resistance and thus makes it energy and speed efficient.
Backed with futurists such as Elon Musk, it is being herald as the future of freight and passenger transport.
Hyperloop has asked the Transport Ministry of India for land to run a pilot project of its high speed transportation service. At the initial phase of the project they have requested for land, and for future development they have proposed for a public-private partnership.
The company has estimated that it will take 8 months for the feasibility study and around 28 months to acquire all the permits, to roll out the service. The company has also claimed that they have set up a goal to roll out the service and move cargo by 2020 and passengers by 2021.
Hyperloop Transportation Technology has already set up a team of 25 members in India, who are working on the technology. The company is also looking forward to partner with Indian educational institutes to solve the engineering problems.

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