ICICI Lombard conducts a survey on Social Media to assess early signs and symptoms of mental wellness.

Mumbai, April 7, 2017: An online survey conducted by ICICI Lombard with the help of KRDS India, reveals that a staggering 65% of the youth respondents between the age group of 22-25 show early signs of depression. The study also highlights that lower income levels are also a major cause of stress among people. Additionally, 64% respondents were sleep deprived, which is among the leading symptoms of depression.
ICICI Lombard conducted this survey through a social media platform, receiving responses from 1100 male and female respondents between the age group of 22 – 50 years in India. The survey demonstrates that:

  • Lack of sleep is the leading cause of poor mental wellness
  • The overall mental wellness levels among women is higher (66%) vis-à-vis their male counterparts (55%)   world_healthday2 (1) Insights success
  • Youngsters have lower levels of mental wellness as compared to people in older age-groups
    • 65% :22-25 years
    • 60% : 26-30 years
    • 55%: 31 years and above
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      • 55% respondents said income related issues caused maximum worry to their

      professional life

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      • Tier 1 cities have lowest levels of mental wellness in India
        • 39%- tier 1 cities
        • 41%- tier 2 cities
        • 46% – tier 3 cities
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      Commenting on the research findings, Sanjay Datta, Chief of Underwriting, Claims & Reinsurance, ICICI Lombard General Insurance said, “At ICICI Lombard, we wish to play a proactive role in supporting consumers to stay physically and mentally fit. Poor mental wellness is a major cause of concern and our survey reveals that it is becoming a common phenomenon among the youth and larger cities. It is time that various stakeholders come together to address this issue in a systematic manner.”
      The survey further reveals that when it comes to professional life, lower income (55%), competition at work (24%) and lower performance (21%) are the main reasons that cause anxiety in people. Being afflicted with excessive amounts of anxiety and stress is another key reason that could lead to a person being depressed, and if not counseled on time, can contribute to physical problems such as heart disease, ulcers, and colitis. Anxiety and stress are also known to reduce immunity which makes people more vulnerable to conditions ranging from the common cold to even cancer.
      Further, to help create awareness on mental wellness and to provide an opportunity to people to consult experts, ICICI Lombard conducted a session on Facebook live with the renowned psychologist, Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh.  Dr. Singh answered individual queries that pertained to providing solutions to those in depression as well as advice to individuals wanting to reduce their anxiety/ stress levels.
      Achal Deoda – Business Head, KRDS India quoted, “ICICI Lombard’s focus to enable psychical and mental wellbeing of their customers and audiences was a great driver for KRDS India to help in executing this primary research on social media followed by Facebook live session with, psychologist, Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh which successfully has 5,74,000+ views. This activity sets the tone for brands across industries in realizing the power of social media in establishing a strong dialogue with the consumers with multiple engagement points.
      World Health Day is celebrated on April 7 each year; the theme this year is ‘Depression’. It is a form of mental illness that is plagued with social stigma; people suffering from it usually refrain from discussing it with family or close friends, let alone taking professional help.

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