Importance of ChatBot in the Digital World

Umesh Ahirrao | Founder & MD | Osumare[chatbot application, website services, mobile application, artificial intelligence, messaging application, digital world]
Umesh Ahirrao | Founder & MD | Osumare

Technology is best when it brings people together” –  MATT MULLENWEG

Elevate your knowledge with an enthralling new update in the digital ecosystem which brings more configuration under the hood. Recently, a new tool introduce to simplify the interaction between internet world and humans. The tool named as “CHATBOT” which is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What is ChatBot and What it is for

A chatbot is an AI (artificial intelligence) based software that can imitate a chat (or a conversation) with the visitor in user-friendly language through the application on their all visiting platform; website, mobile apps or through the messaging application. Nowadays, this is the most prominent and advanced software which helps to build the conversation between humans and machines. Taking into the technological perspective, a chatbot only leverages the Question Answering System in a Natural language processing (NLP).

Why Chatbots are important for business

The application saves time and efforts by automating customer request. The forecast report shows that by 2020, over 85% of customer requests will be handled without a human. However, it is creating huge opportunities for building a healthy customer relationship by providing an on-time response to the customer requests. The application can be used for numerous business tasks as well, collecting information about the users, analyse their requirement, helping to channelize their demand and reduce overhead costs.There is no wonder that chatbot brings the prodigious in the market which is growing exponentially.

How to create a chatbot that people love to tap the buttons

Keep it short and simple!

The buttons on chatbot need to build as user-friendly alongwith inclusion of all clickable elements so that bot may send to users to display multiple options. If it is well created, they can also help to improve the user experience. But, most importantly, it is proven that buttons play a very important role even small and seemingly insignificant elements can add more value to the user interface. It helps to analyse the user requirement and analyse the real objective. So applying chatbot lures the user demand and engage them in a conversion with a chatbot.

Buttons for new user

Buttons entail the user perspective and it should be clickable element so that bot can send to a person immediately on chat. The significant advantage is the multiple options available which let the user specify their needs without functioning them. Every user who can see the button can choose the information which they are interested in without even typing a word in a chat window they just need to choose their option.

After clicking the button it automatically triggers multiple options. If the option is not relevant to the users perspective then dial a phone number is the alternate option available on the chatbot.

Pay Attention to the Add On Point

  1. The length of the copy matters

The length of the copy in chatbot must be user-friendly and easy to understand which help to build the conversation and engage the user in a long stretch. The communication increase when the bot shoots the relevant responses to the user so try to make your copy short enough so that the user responds.

  1. Lacks of context in copy

The typical chatbot scenario where it keeps asking irrelevant questions and pops up with  subscribe to the services which are annoys the users repeatedly. The role of a chatbot to asks a question and let the user answer by using “YES” or “NO” buttons.

The objective behind is that modern users rarely read the text thoroughly. If you provide some button or visuals into this text which easily caught the eyes on the elements that mark out not the text. It might sound insignificant but the proper context will help customers immediately find out expected some answer after clicking a button. This will improve the flow of conversion in the chatbot.

  1. User-friendly chatbot language

It is crucial to create a clear and informative copy on your button. The chatbot also helps to analyse customer needs which state that customers can make a strong relationship.

  1. The number of option give

User like to have a choice although buttons are used to provide a set of options which matches the customer preferences.

How Chatbot Works

There are two major tasks which need to perform

  • User request analysis
  • Returning the response

User request analysis is the first task that needs to be performed by a chatbot. It analyses and inspect the user intent and to draw out relevant queries.

Example of User request analysis and Returning the response

It functions to identify the user’s intent and extracts the relevant data which contain the user’s request, the most relevant step at the core of a chatbot if you fail to attempt the users request then it won’t be able to provide the correct answer.

Once the user’s intent has been clear then the chatbot automatically provide the most appropriate response but the response should meet all the guidelines

  • A generic text
  • A text retrieved from a knowledge which contains numerous answers
  • Conceptualized information based on user data
  • Data should be stored in an operating system

Global Trends and Analysis – Chatbot Report 2019

  • Business inside experts predicts that 80% of enterprises will use chatbot by the year 2020.
  • According to Relay, 65.1%of companies using chatbot technology which are engaged in web software and 58% of companies using chatbots technology which is majorly focused on B2B.
  • Adobe says, 28% of leading companies use AI for marketing and grow their business.
  • According to Opus Research, 4.5 billion dollars will be invested in chatbots by the year 2021.

Chatbots are already having a massive impact on customer service and marketing functions in the companies.

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