Incognito Worldwide: Transcending Digital Branding with Inventiveness

Commenced with the goal to meet clients’ business objectives through creative and strategic digital solutions, Incognito Worldwide was inaugurated in 2013. Incognito Worldwide is a Bangalore based digital agency providing consulting and creative services with end-to-end branding, technology, and marketing services.
The Company at a Glance
Incognito Worldwide India PVT LTD (  is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the U.S. digital product company  Intech Creative LLC. ( Incognito was founded by Bruce T. Dugan — along with its CTO  Sanjeev Aasoori, and Director Nihanth Kandimalla. Bruce is a lifelong entrepreneur who gained eclectic knowledge from a varied career and customer base. He has served many Fortune 500 clients with his logistics companies in the 1980s – ‘90s before foraying into entertainment, publishing, and technology. He has also served as CEO for several public companies.
The creation of Incognito was a  fortunate stroke of serendipity when Bruce was on a business trip to India. He met and befriended a young group of programmers, Sanjeev and Nihanth while spending time at a cafe in Bangalore — waiting for a company he contracted to build a product, who never actually did anything. Bruce realized the incredible cognitive learning skills of his friends and they decided to launch a company together, which ultimately became Incognito Worldwide.
Their Services
Incognito Worldwide offers a wide breadth of services like Branding & Design, Consulting for startups, brand promotion, marketing and business processes. Their goal is always to optimize customers’ business goals and objectives and eventually to maximize the client’s cost-effective productivity and output; marketing clients’ products and services to propel brand awareness by devising a sound marketing strategy that includes  SEO, Social Media Promotion and Digital Advertising; developing Mobile App and website Development; and, a series of Web Services that includes Content Management, Technology Integration, and other value-added services for their customers.
While discussing the strategies that differentiate them from their competitors, Bruce says, “While we do serve Indian clients, the bulk of our client base is USA or EU. So we combine cost-effective pricing without the language and culture barriers because we are (in part) westerners. We try to provide a turnkey service to clients, taking them from website through online marketing strategies and implementation.”
“We interpret a client’s vision and convert it into practical reality without the artistic indulgence inherent with many techies,” says Bruce.
Core Values as Catalyst
Incognito’s key value lies in combined knowledge and experience of its top executives. The company has a deep understanding of processes, can focus on technical competencies, as well as an array of value-add services to meet challenges and deliver for their clients. Bruce notes that “We understood that we needed to make our client’s job easier — because they already have enough to deal with. Hiring us is, in part, to reduce headaches and to turn out world-class, cost-effective solutions for them. Research is a big asset for us in that we know how to do it correctly.”
Flourishing Future
While discussing the company’s future strategies, Bruce says that, “As a digital agency, our direction is to continue to build a worldwide network of agents in North and South America and the European Union; providing them with great services and pricing to maintain a win-win for all involved. As a consulting firm, our largest client is our parent Intech Creative LLC. Incognito Worldwide is doing much of the product and marketing research for Intech regarding their new products Craveller, Eventigo.Today, and the forthcoming Eventzpipeline.”

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