KBS Consultants: Helping to Achieve Growth, Unlock Potential, Innovate and Stay Relevant

As companies develop in emerging markets today, they must be capable of addressing a wide range of growing challenges. And they must be stable enough to manage complications both anticipated and unforeseen.
As we are expecting and observing many positive indicators, which point to a slow but steady rise in the economy, the concern of business leaders still remains unchanged, which is the level of uncertainty. Also, it is necessary for organizations to deliver and create sustained value in order to stay on the pace.
Trust, Transparency, Loyalty, and Full commitment are more than ever essential these days, as emerging markets scenarios are vastly more complex than they were earlier. KBS Consultants facilitate business, clients and individuals in this transformation.
KBS Consultants provides Accounting and Taxation consultancy services, with consolidated taxation, legal matters, and accounting insights performing central duties efficiently; and this brings in additional benefits that add value to the organization. Furthermore, Business Buying & Selling, and Job Placements services are also provided by them.
Now the scale of operations is larger and more complicated; economies are more sophisticated; higher expectations; fiercer competition; and ever larger sums of money are at risk. Be it a job, or a career, or a business of any scale, they help clients with well-informed decision making, achieving growth, unlocking potential, enabling innovation, and staying relevant.
Expertise That Help Your Business Excel
Nowadays, difficulty lies in properly addressing vulnerabilities before they evolve into significant risks. By preparing and managing these common pitfalls – and making sure you know and understand all of your shareholders and their needs – you can avoid risk and position yourself for success in your emerging market.
S. Sankaran, Founder, KBS Consultants is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Also holds a Bachelor degree in Law. He has more than thirty years of experience as a Business Consultant. He understands the responsibilities of the role in-depth, as well as the practices and parameters of the domain. Knowing that each client has different requirements, he is ready to provide prompt services for a wide range of industry.
“We believe in staying relevant. That’s why all our services and delivery models focus on providing relevant solutions to our clients, by adapting to dynamics of businesses, geography, and technology. No matter if you are a large business or an individual, if you are looking for a change or want to transform your business, we’ll help you,” assures Mr. Sankaran.
They offer Professional Expertise, Quality Services, and Personalised Solutions for the businesses in an unprecedented way which enables businesses to focus on their key value. Responsible consulting is provided with the knowledge clients need to be more responsible and sustainable for the future ahead.  They also provide counsel to Reinvent Business Potential, masterfully. They are aiming to expand operations to USA & Far East, with a global perspective while focusing on their core values.
Customers Recommend KBS
“We have been, since inception of the organization, using the services of Mr. Sankaran as not only our auditor but also as our taxation and legal advisor. Mr. Sankaran`s skill and knowledge as a chartered account will help any company small /medium or large to carry out their accounts ,taxation commitments . Mr. Sankaran chips in wherever required with his legal knowledge and generally is a professional who upholds value systems in operation.”

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