Increase Client Base with Social Listening

Increase Client Base with Social Listening | Insights Success

Social media platform is much used to spread the word about brand names. But, ever wondered how the social media pages can increase a firm’s client base? The recent trend of social listening (or the more commonly used term- media monitoring) is known to many but implemented by very few.

Opening company pages on social sites is not a difficult task and regularly updating the content will keep the traffic intact. But, the real factor that unfolds the opportunities for expansion is the readers’ responses. Like such, there are many other factors that can alter the possibilities of turning the connections on social sites into legit clients!

Comprehend, Compare and Take Baby-Steps towards Connecting

Many find it difficult to comprehend the responses to their posts and hence ignore them by merely saying, “Thank-you, we will look into it”, without actually meaning it. One should realize that after putting so much effort in creating a unique and apt content to attract appropriate customers, it is unfair to way away the responsibility of responding, for they are ones who are desire the most for building strong market foundation.

Now-a-days, it is very straight forward to compare data of companies based on the available information from their respective websites. There are logically programmed softwares that can compare the data and present a readymade chart.

Utilize this information to refine the choices of companies that are ought to be targeted. The next step is to extend a hand to make a deal. So here, the most crucial thing is to contact the CORRECT person in the firm. Having contacts of the people at the top of the hierarchy also doesn’t work out always.

Search for contacts on LinkedIn and other relevant business social sites to connect with the correct person in the firm. Once connected, don’t jump to the obvious. Take it slow in the beginning as hurrying into deals will cut off the chances of extra exchange of information than what is already known.

Utilize the Benefits of Social Stalking

Stalking is not creepy always! It is healthy for building a strong market considering the actual demands of the users. How? When any company releases a new technology, the market reaction is unprecedented. But the successive companies that follow the original release have an advantage of utilizing the customer feedback from the raw experience of the pioneer.

The Boring Company | Insights SuccessThis is one way of utilizing social stalking. Another can be to get heads up about what the market rivals are up to. There are many initiatives taken by major companies which are out of the box of their forte. The ultimate purpose being to increase the spread of brand name in the market, these giants acquire best of best professionals and turn ideas into excellent experience for customers. Like The Boring Company founded by Elon Musk; it sold around 50,000 graphic hats and 20,000 flame throwers (crazy! but yes…) unusually variant from its actual mission of boring underground tunnels to reduce traffic in Los Angeles, California.

Learn from the experience of others especially from failures, and utilize it in building an appropriate yet unique product or service. That’s how market gets attracted towards the best and not the pioneers always!

Go With the Trends – Use Hashtags

Hash tags are the fastest way of keeping an update about anything. It’s in trend to create hash tags for events, conferences, social programs, group initiatives, new releases so that as people post about it, the tag spreads and so does the name of the association along with it.

#TIMESUP | Insights SuccessSome examples of potentially compelling tags that drive people towards them are:


It is necessary to pick the ones that are pertinent to the industry in picture though. Focus only on those that can help to approach the appropriate business clients.

Follow the tags used by giants of the industry to get timely updates about the current affairs. Keep check on the tags that the target firms are using. Also follow the tags that they follow. Promote company partners by tagging them in social posts. This can make the competition envious of getting attention of company’s followers’ base on social sites and may ease the efforts of convincing a little.

All for one and one for all, social listening is a boon to build business base!

– Namita Patil