Bangalore Broadband Network: Achieving Excellence through Best-in-class Broadband Internet Services

Bangalore Broadband Network

In India, the access to internet is growing rapidly with the evolving technology. It has become an integral part of the nation today. In the last couple of years, the Broadband providers and ISP’s are playing agile as well as aggressive roles in securing, peering, and transforming the internet speeds to an unforgettable experience. One such enterprise offering extraordinary broadband internet services across Karnataka is Bangalore Broadband Network Pvt Ltd (BBNL).
The Inception Story
Established in 2009, as a franchisee with Railtel, BBNL was unable to withstand the existing market complexities. Acknowledging the need of high speed broadband in India, it started to educate the operators regarding the development and innovations in technology. It also conducted free classes regarding internet and networking and geared up the operators to start off internet over their fiber/co-axial cable infrastructure. In 2011, BBNL set its foundation amongst the leading 10 Mbps unlimited broadband internet service in Bangalore. This service was successfully delivered with a mere cost of Rs 750 along with a three month free service using existing fiber/co axial cables. BBNL has travelled a long way from mere 1 or 2 operators in Bangalore to currently spearheading 350 cable operators in Karnataka with a turnover of around 50 crores.
An Agile Supportive Leader
Arun Kajane Chakrapani Rao is the Founder of Bangalore Broadband Network Pvt Ltd. He has completed his engineering in Industrial Production from RVCE, Bangalore. His keenness towards technology helped him to acquire a project at Gokul Das images which changed his career landscape. Here, out of curiosity, he started learning Oracle database administration (DBA) and later became an expert with certification. This certification helped him getting placed at 1800 where his persona shaped up as a hardcore DBA. Arun had also spent brief stints at corporates like StarWood Hotels, Merril Lych, Convergys, CVS Pharmacy, and Johnson & Johnson.

In 2011 he launched the first ever SDN architecture and engaged youngsters who had the passion to learn. His training and guidance have assisted these young minds to walk on the path of innovation developing: India’s first ever Core router running on Linux; First ever android app to handle the KYC of the internet customers; ISP’s first ever robust ticketing based system; Wallet system; Android CRM based system from complaint management; Cluster based MySQL databases: Load balanced application servers; World’s First SDN architecture ever to be setup using bare metal switches; India’s first ever ISP setup using Linux based networking sniffing architecture; India’s first ever ISP using TACAS+ security on the network switches.

Innovative Services to Hit the Market
BBNL is amongst the leading Class B internet service providers delivering a curated set of free educational internet services for residential customers with 1 to 10 Mbps speed and 200 gb usage every month. The company is introducing a one of its kind Android TV box with a motive to develop overall persona of the youth. This will also help the operators to go an extra mile and take customer satisfaction to a new level. A nonprofit free education— Khan Academy along with a WPS office suite is also introduced in this box which will help the teenagers to sharpen their skills.

The company is planning to lend a hand towards rural development by encouraging the college graduates to set up their own internet businesses. It will guide them in configuring the wireless that will help them to minimize the customer’s internet issues. The company would also help them as well as the operators to get loans from the banks.

BBNL is working on helping the households to join hands with the CDN teams in providing value added services. It is striving hard with an aim to deliver prominent cost-effective internet solutions and helping the operators to deploy internet to each and every house in order to help the Indian economy grow multiple folds.
Today, after eight years, BBNL’s sheer determination and constant efforts has successfully established the first open exchange for cable operators exclusively at Bangalore. The company is on a mission to offer customers with unlimited usage and contribute in free internet education.

A Unique Organization
With its motto of “achieving excellence together,” the company believes in joining hands and educating people in order to march towards the success horizons. Its association with the cable operators helped it to raise funds, reduce the hardware & bandwidths cost, and deliver excellent quality services. The company takes pride in offering cost effective internet packages in the market.
In 2016, BBNL launched an internet package with a speed of 100 mbps and 1000 gb usage at a mere cost of Rs 1000. It has also launched a package – Rs 100 for 10 gb usage and a 3 years free internet with 1 mbps unlimited usage for a 1 time payment of Rs 3000.
Today, The company has around 350+ operators who are gearing up to provide upto 1 gig. At present, BBNL has successfully consumed 80 gigs of bandwidth and is amongst the biggest internet service providers in Karnataka.

Acknowledging the Unsung Heroes of the ISP Industry
The founder believes that the major evolution of the ISP industry is due to the contribution of the operators in this sector. The internet providers have accelerated the economy by hiring potential professionals in the field of accounts, diploma and even engineering. Apart from generating a profitable business outcome, these people are paying GST of around a crore every month with TDS of around twenty lakhs. This phenomenal change is a major breakthrough which is boosting the Indian economy. “If the government recognizes, certifies, gives certain tax credits and assistance, trust me you will see a huge jump in the Internet connection in India so fast which is never heard off ” says Arun.

Portraying the Future
The company foresees that the small scale internet service providers need to join hands with the cable operators and upgrade their network in order to withstand the market complexities. They need to start planning multiple internet services to quench every single need of the customer. The company believes that these ISP’s should invite CDN teams to provide value added services.
BBNL is planning to launch free educational internet services in rural areas for encouraging the students to chase their dreams and flourish as leading entrepreneurs of the future.

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