India Claims Women’s Compound Team Gold at Asian Games 2023

Asian Games 2023

India’s triumph at the Asian Games 2023 has been nothing short of spectacular, with the latest gold secured by the women’s compound archery team. In a nail-biting final, the trio of Jyothi Vennam, Aditi Swami, and Parneet Kaur showcased their prowess, clinching victory by just one point against Chinese Taipei. The last three arrows, all perfect 10s, exemplified their precision under pressure.

The overall medal tally for India stands at an impressive 82, with 19 gold, 31 silver, and 32 bronze medals. The shooting brigade emerged as the stars of the Games, claiming a staggering 22 medals. Palak Gulia and Sift Kaur Samra’s individual golds in 10m air pistol and 50m rifle 3 positions set a new world record.

The young duo’s friendly competition culminated in 17-year-old Palak seizing gold and Esha claiming silver. Palak’s resilience, overcoming a shaky start with a 9.1, exemplifies the athlete’s mindset. Esha praised her teammate’s performance and evaluated her own at nine out of 10 points.

The success resonates beyond individual achievements, signaling a shift in belief. Pistol coach Samaresh Jung highlighted the significance of beating China on their home turf, boosting Indian shooters’ confidence to compete at the global level.

In the 50m rifle arena, the men’s 3-positions team shattered records, securing gold by eight points. Esha once again led the women’s 10m air pistol team to silver, contributing to a historic one-two finish with Palak. The Games mark a milestone in the journey of these young shooters, setting the stage for future triumphs.

In summary, India’s dominance at the Asian Games 2023, particularly in shooting, showcases the nation’s rising prowess on the international stage, fostering newfound confidence and setting the tone for future victories.

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