India is The Biggest Hub of Technology

American Diesel Engine Specialist Company has recently announced to launch its largest technology center in Pune. The company will invest close to Rs.200 crore in developing BS VI competitive engine in the Indian market. It will also develop electric and hybrid vehicle solutions including reasonable emission technologies with the help of 2,500 engineers.
The Cummins Technical Center will come up in India on a 16-acre campus, and they have big plans to introduce their business in Indian market. Apart from delivering affordable emission solutions for the local market in India. The Company will also spearhead the company’s global effort to improve radiation technology, including for vehicles and hybrid solutions.
The company believes that India is the most competitive market for the diesel engine and that is the reason they are targeting the Indian market. They already have engineers who are working on the BS solution. Cummins is developing an engine with a selective impetus reduction after treatment. The company is also including their inside development with high-pressure common rail electronic fuel system for better fuel efficiency and performance.
“As we tend to think about big data and analytics, because of the capabilities of the Indian software industry and the people that are here, the work that we do on analytics will continue to increase where we will combine our product, our connected features that generate a lot of data and then to see how do we analyze the data for meaningful insights,” Company added.
The center will work for discovering and providing technology insights that will offer a serious advantage in engine, component and generator technology for its global operations.

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