India is the Third Major Market for Motorola


India is the third major market in value for Moto, utters Jan Huckfeldt, the chief marketing officer (CMO) of Motorola, adding that the India market is amongst the fastest growing beside the Brazil market for the brand. Motorola was attained by Chinese phone and PC maker Lenovo from Google for $2.9 billion before three years.
Huckfeldt stated that Lenovo is placing Moto as the premium brand for the company and that the trademark is regaining its market share in the US and Brazil, its best two markets in terms of value. Moto just launched its most premium products, Moto Z, with accessories like digital camera, JBL speakers, projectors, attachable batteries as also removable cases. Huckfeldt was in Bengaluru to effort with developers in the city to improve the various use cases of Moto Z.
“Moto and Lenovo address two changed consumer segments with the spec conscious customers working for Lenovo and customers looking for a trustable brand buying Moto,” Huckfeldt told. He said that the two brands together switch around 25% of the market in online sales in India.
Motorola was the first popular smartphone brand to twitch selling solely online in India. Online sales now constitute nearly 35% of all smartphone sales in the country. Chinese players like Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, Xiaomiand LeEco have all expanded popularity in Asian countries in general and India in particular. “Moto has consistently grown higher than the smartphone industry growth,” Huckfeldt added.
“It is not a screwdriver assembly unit, but a full-fledged manufacturing plant. Our scale in India is now large enough,” Huckfeldt told, referring to some smartphone makers who have ongoing assembly units in India to save on tax and duty liability.
“We crossed $1 billion in mobile sales in India some time ago,” Huckfeldt added, without revealing when the company surpassed the milestone. Moto gained 7 percentage points in market share in Brazil last year; it currently has 17% market share in the premium segment and 25% overall among smartphone sales.Huckfeldt believed two years ago most smartphone makers were creating losses, but far of the industry is profitable now.

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