India needs a Robust Legal Framework for Cybersecurity: Expert


New Delhi: At a time when the governments across the world over are struggling to manage cyber attacks and data breach, India needs to think up a more comprehensive legal approach and framework to solve various issues in cyberspace, an expert said.
“Today, a lot of work in personal, professional, social and governance space is being done on the internet. Therefore, there is a need to look at the issues in cyberspace. It is here that issues like Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity come in,” Pavan Duggal, president, and Supreme Court advocate, informed IANS on the sidelines of a round table on cyber law, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity.
While talking about the current cyberspace trends in India, Duggal said big trends like cyber terrorism and radicalization are going to hit the big time in India.
Duggal, a Cyberlaw expert added,“We quickly need to put the legal framework to check this before it happens. Unfortunately, we do not have it. We have a provision, but it is not completely effective.”
While talking about the global trends, Duggal said the focus is now shifting on cyber resilience.
“Everybody is vulnerable. It is given that you will be attacked, and the bigger issue is not that you should be attacked or not, it is once you are attacked, how quickly are you able to come back to normalcy,” he informed.
For cyber resilience to get enforced, there is a necessity of allowing legal frameworks where law does not punish you in case your network is accessed in an unauthorized manner.
About changing trends in accessing the information and attack on the internet, Duggal said that attacks will constantly happen.
“Till now, companies were attacked from superficial net, but now attacks are happening from the ‘dark web’ where the identity of the attacker is difficult to be found out,” he informed IANS.
“We need cyber laws to give companies power to fight these attacks. People will start getting confidence into your ecosystem once they realize there is a legal framework in place which actually allows the state to prosecute cyber criminals effectively,” Duggal further added.
About the definition of cybercrime on the basis of hacking by hackers and hacking by enforcement agencies Duggle stated hacking is grey concept and, legally speaking, it is a crime.

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