Microsoft to introduce Cyber Security Center in India

Cyber Security

Microsoft has declared the opening of its Cyber Security Engagement Center (CSEC) in Gurgaon, India. The CSEC plans to drive public-private partnerships to fight cybercrime, strengthen the cooperation with Indian businesses, government and academic organizations on cybersecurity, and wishes to increase its contribution towards securing Indian computer and internet users from cybercrime threats. It assembles Microsoft’s Digital Crime Unit experts comprising attorneys, investigators and security response experts from across the company. The Gurgaon center is one of the seven centers across the world and will serve as a dedicated hub for Microsoft in India.
As a part of Microsoft Consultancy Services (MCS), a dedicated India-based response team will also provide cyber monitoring, use machine learning based detection technology and ensure rapid response and resolution to cyber threats to enterprise customers in the country.
Announcing CSEC, Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, Microsoft India, informed, “India stands at an exciting threshold today as data becomes a key driver of growth across every sector and industry and Cloud based computing becomes more prevalent. Cybersecurity is crucial for Digital India. A data driven economy can flourish only when governments, businesses and individuals have access to hyper scale and hyper flexible cloud computing with the confidence that their data is secure. Our Cyber Security Engagement Center in Gurgaon underlines our relentless commitment to security and partnering India in its digital transformation.”
Microsoft’s advisory security services to enterprise customers will involve support to architect a secure infrastructure an also build global best practices on preventive measures for a secure internet ecosystem. The CSEC will leverage Microsoft’s DCU Cyber Threat Intelligence Program that monitors and analyze

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