India Ranks Number 1 for Using Google Play App Store

Mobile users in India downloaded the number of apps from the Google Play app store in 2016. With over 6 billion app downloads, India, which was in the third position in 2015, surpassed the US, according to a report by global app analytics firm App Annie. Brazil took the third spot with a little over 5 billion downloads. China is not part of the Google Play (Android) rankings because the country has blocked Google. However, it was Number one in iOS (Apple) app store downloads.
The report indicated that India could widen its gap with others in Android app downloads given its still low penetration of smartphones. “India’s phenomenal progress (in downloads) over the past two years is even more impressive when considering its potential for further gains. In 2016, India surpassed the US as the second largest smartphone market due in large part to a rise in domestically produced smartphones. This is only the beginning, however, as India’s smartphone penetration is still below 30% and its overall economy is poised for massive growth,”the report said.
India was well ahead of all the others in terms of the total time spent on apps. Out of the total of 900 billion hours spent on Android apps in 2016, 150 billion hours were spent by Indians. This was followed by Brazil (about 115 billion) and the US (about 90 billion). The total of 900 billion hours, which is 25% higher than in 2015, translates to an average of roughly two hours per Android phone user per day.
Due to their exploding user bases and increase in time spent per user, emerging markets like India, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico accounted for four of the top five countries by total time spent on Android apps. However, in Google Play’s worldwide revenue, India does not feature even in the top 10, indicating that Google has a long way to go in terms of monetizing its enviable adoption in the country.

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