IndiGo to cut 10% of staff


The country’s largest airline has said that 10 percent of its workforce will be missing as it grapples with a downturn in sales. Last month, IndiGo announced it would slash the cost of up to 40 billion rupees.

It is India’s largest airline, which has a market share of 48.9 percent as of March of this year and had profited 10 years in a row, according to the company’s own statistics. The airline, which has been on the ground for several months since a strict lockdown, employs around 24,000 people.

A global aviation industry body warned last month that the slump of coronavirus travel will lead to losses of airlines over $84 billion.

The 290-member IATA Association said revenues would decrease to US$ 419bn, 50% lower than in the previous year.

British Airways announced last week that it would withdraw its entire Boeing 747 fleet due to the sharp downturn of its travel journeys.

Australia’s Qantas also stated that they will keep their A380 super jumbo fleets in the desert of Mojave in the year up to at least 2023 and cut back 6,000 jobs, with an additional 15,000 employees will be granted leave from the job up to year-end. Last week, the airline deactivated international flights from its website, other than New Zealand, until the end of March next year.


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