Influence of VR,A First step towards a Grand adventure into the Landscape of Imagination

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Human culture has always evolved in tandem with technologies. Everyone wants to see the world of “his” dreams. One could probably never go to the moon, swim with Dolphin or sing on stage with Rolling stones, but as the world is developing, scientists have left no stone unturned to accomplish human dream and desire. Virtual reality has made everything possible. Experiencing things through computer without even leaving home is amazing. Unlike real-world virtual reality creates a completely imaginary world. Putting in another way virtual reality has created a stimulated environment in today’s world. Exploring once imagined things through various mediums is a huge achievement.
Though, there are multiple applications of Virtual Reality in a vast number of fields, Education, Entertainment and Medical Sciences are positioned somewhere at the top.
Engaging Virtual Reality in Educational Content
It is a whole new concept in education technology, up until now; virtual reality has been used for entertainment. However, the applications extended to other areas. Connecting virtual reality to education is a big achievement. Earlier education is all about learning through experiences, educators are now well aware of the positive impact of classroom experiences. High-impact experiences provide increased learning and retention. Unfortunately, these types of programs have traditionally involved a good deal of money, time and personnel. With both the availability and affordability of VR, students nationwide will have access to high-impact educational experiences. It brings opportunities for improving education abounds.
Benefits of virtual reality in education

  • Opening up opportunities– It’s very difficult to understand or talk about something if we have never seen it with our own eyes. Some of the students may never have seen the ocean or been to the city – with Class VR, we can let them experience it for themselves, and enjoy the pleasure of learning. VR also allows them to foster their imagination and follow their interests – what a privilege to be able to show a 3D image to the girl who just loves dinosaurs, or to take the space-obsessed boy to Mars!


  • Enhancing real-life experience– Taking pre-school children to a park is the perfect way to teach them about the nature and its creature. But we can extend the learning even after the field trip is over. VR allows children to step back inside that experience and re-live the excitement. It offers a great potential to extend their understanding. With the help of VR, parents or teacher can tell the parents. “Remember that lion that we saw in the zoo? Let’s see how it would look and behave in its natural habitat”.


  • Developing speaking skills– Millions of people suffer from a fear of public speaking and it is difficult to overcome. The current method of practice is not satisfactory, people often practice in front of a mirror or they practice in front of their friends. But this can be distracting. On the other hand using virtual reality headset/devices they can present themselves in front of hundreds of people. It provides a better way to recreate the nerves and excitement of giving a real speech, and everything can be enjoyed while enjoying the comfort of one’s own home.

So in a way, it can be very aptly said that we are going beyond our imagination for the betterment of the education sector. It’s at least better than traditional classroom made up of bricks and mortar.
It’s time, the traditional classrooms to be modernized. The traditional classrooms should incorporate more technologies such as Smart Boards, and computers. Students need to be exposed to new technologies, but not at the risk of losing social interaction.
Most children need exposure to social interaction in order to succeed in today’s society. They need to be able to interact with and communicate with bosses, and customers. Unlike traditional schools, most virtual schools cannot provide this necessary interaction. yet, virtual schools are becoming increasingly popular. So, there is a need to find the right balance.
Entertainment Aspect of VR
Arguably, this is the field in which VR has been most profusely utilized till date. Starting from the early 1990’s it is being used for Gaming and 3D Cinemas. VR’s use in the gaming has completely revolutionized this sector right from the outset by setting the bars too high with every passing year. Be it a Play-station or any other computer-based game, even their existence cannot be imagined today without Virtual Reality.
Today, 3D cinema is being used for various recreational programs including sporting events, theme parks, music videos and several other avenues.
Virtual Reality impacting Medical Sciences
These days, learning ‘Surgery’ is much more interesting and fun-filled with Virtual Reality. It has helped “Surgery Training” to be more efficient and effective. Further, a new technology named Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VERT) is also being very widely used in several parts of the world. Through VERT, an exposure therapy is provided for treating the anxiety disorders and phobias quite efficiently.
Though the virtual reality is already impacting the real lives of human generation in an enormous way, nobody can deny the fact we humans have only unpeeled a few layers of VR from the top; with many bigger revelations still under the covers to amaze us eternally. Irrespective of how bizarre it may sound, but in the days to come, ‘Virtual will be the new Real!

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