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At L&T Technology Services innovation is a way of life. We partner big enterprises to make them even bigger and at the same time turn around small precision machinery into revenue yielding IP. We continuously innovate to make engineering solutions leaner and less complex.
Innovation at L&T Technology Services explores ways to reconnect with technology solutions that answer the unanswered questions and set doubts to rest. Every project is treated as a challenge that transforms current possibilities into futuristic engineering. We have curious minds that nurture new ideas, which become differentiators in the technology market and help us retain clients.
At L&T Technology Services, innovation drives business by helping design, develop and implement new processes, improve existing ones and reduce or eliminate downtime. Our ever improving resources support methodologies at every level, establish essential procedures, train employees and monitor standards. We understand the role of continuous improvement and thus make innovation a practice to deliver distinguished engineering solutions.
Tech Panorama, One day. One Vision. Unlimited Innovation
Tech Panorama is an annual event conducted across all L&T Technology Services locations in India and brings together all the engineers and business enablers. This event gives an equal opportunity to all our employees to exhibit their conceptualization skills, share experiences, discuss views with experts, and present innovative solutions in the engineering domain. Apart from being a fulfilling experience, Tech Panorama provides a platform to encourage participation and ideation with exciting awards.
It has five major disciplines:
Tech Expression: Platform to present innovative case studies and white papers
Tech Talk: Forum of industry experts that addresses various facets of technology
Stalls: Opportunity to demonstrate prototypes and PoCs developed by both technical and business groups
Debates: A medium to argue on the best practices, solutions, approaches and processes in engineering sector
Skits: Power packed performances that showcase the drama quotient of individuals around everyday existence in the business of technology
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