INOX Bringing 270° Movie Experience in India

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India’s one of the largest multiplex operator, Inox Leisure has signed an agreement with South Korean firm CJ 4DPLEX for bringing in the multi-projection technology ScreenX to India.  ScreenX is the world’s first multi-projection theatre technology designed to enhance the experience of the movie by offering a 270-degree view. ScreenX technology consists five projectors to expand the film beyond the main screen, projecting it onto the two side wall, so that, even peripheral vision is absorbed in whatever’s happening on screen. The agreement was signed on the sidelines of CinemaCon, the world’s largest movie theatre industry expo that held from 1st-4th April.  By signing this deal, Inox is all set to bring the First ScreenX in India.
Alok Tandon, CEO of Inox Leisure said, “Ensuring a great viewing experience for our patrons has always been our foremost priority. We are proud to announce our association with ScreenX, which will enable us to offer an unprecedented 270-degree cinema-viewing experience on three walls of the theatre. This is a massive milestone in the glorious history of Indian cinemas and we are proud to be the ushers of this new technology.”
 “We are very pleased to be signing a new deal to expand ScreenX to across India with our partner INOX”, said JongRyul Kim, CEO, CJ 4DPLEX
 About ScreenX
To achieve 270movie experience, side walls are lined in a special fabric to match the main screen, while two projectors are used for each wall to display the image. Viewers don’t need to turn their head while watching movies and the side walls are essentially used for extra footage to extend the scene. The central screen still plays the film as usual while additional footage shot with a special ScreenX camera rig to experience surrounding a little more. The 270degree experience would not only amplify the emotional aspect but also increase the entertainment factor for the movie.
Inox Leisure is India’s first company to sign the agreement with ScreenX. Till now ScreenX has been installed in 205 screens around the world offering best-in-class movie experience to viewers.

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