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Manoj Kanodia | CEO | Inspira Enterprise

Imagine a city where streets light up on its own as soon as it gets dark. Imagine a city with a banking system so robust, it alerts the nearest police station as soon as it detects a breach. Imagine a city with a traffic system that alerts the nearest city hospital when an accident occurs. Sounds like science – fiction? No. With the development of technology, it is possible to develop and maintain a Smart City. A city, which leverages technology to enhance the quality and performance of services in an urban setup increasing overall services utility and decreasing costs and wastage.
Endeavouring with an objective to make the best of emerging technologies, integrating them for better communication and improving the quality of life and business is Inspira Enterprise. The company is one of the leading global system integrator and consulting company in the field of Information Technology. Inspira’s stronghold on emerging technologies and wide industry knowledge helps the client to transform and optimize their IT infrastructure as per the advanced technology trends. It has executed major projects for India’s Largest Bank and other conglomerates across Industries, which makes it the globally leading System Integrator and IT solutions provider.
The Men with a Mission
Manoj Kanodia is the strong-headed CEO of Inspira carrying the founding vision forward. He heads the IT Business and is responsible for P&L. He is an engineer by qualification with more than 20 years of experience. His last assignment was with British Telecom as the Business Head where he oversaw BT’s impressive growth in India. He has worked in senior management positions in companies like AT&T, Telstra V-Comm and Tata Telecom in past.
Chetan Jain is the Director of Inspira and his role sees him developing high quality business strategies and plans ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives.
He also oversees the International expansion to territories like Middle East, Africa and now USA.  An engineering and finance graduate, he guides the Banking and Enterprise team on overall strategy and G2M and makes investment decisions to advance the business and increase profits.
The duo is joined by Vishal Jain as the Director on board Inspira. He plays a key role in driving large strategic business deals. Currently, he is responsible for generating new business avenues and developing government and enterprise relationships. An Electrical Engineer by qualification, he has several years of experience in the field of IT, BPO and banking. Over the years, he has built a reputation in the IT industry for his exceptional ability to build and grow new business offerings and nurture long-term relationships.
An Impressive Portfolio
Inspira Enterprise holds expertise in Cyber Security, Blockchain, Cloud, Robotic Process Automation, Smart City, Networking and Healthcare Solutions. It follows a unique quality excellence model for diverse lines of business, benchmarked to international quality standards. It is ISO and CMMI Level 3 certified organization and helps clients to maximize their performance by leveraging best talents having technical expertise & domain wide knowledge, innovative management philosophy and comprehensive portfolio of services.
Inspira has created robust capabilities through investments in emerging technology products and solutions. By remaining in-sync with the challenges faced by its customers, it has evolved annuity / consumption-based models for most of its new age services like Managed Security services, RPA, Blockchain, Cloud etc. There is negligible upfront cost making adoption easy. Also, it helps customers understand the cost-benefit analysis. Most of these solutions have a quick payback in the form of saving from having to manage legacy investments. It caters to customers in the Government Sector (Central Ministries & State Departments), Defence, Agriculture, Public Sector Undertakings, Banking Financial Services Insurance, IT / ITeS, Healthcare & Enterprise verticals.
The Smart City Challenge
At Inspira, Smart City solution is one of its fundamental Centers of excellence. It designs and implements a comprehensive and customized smart city solution stack. To make devices intelligent is also one of its domain expertize. It offers solutions like Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Red Light Violation Detection, Speed Detection, Adaptive Traffic Control Systems – Traffic lights, Pedestrian Signals, Smart Parking – Parking decision based on Analytics, Smart Lighting, and Smart Pole etc. IoT solutions are also been used for Solid Waste management to Track vehicle real time, weight and volume sensors, Route coverage, ward assignment etc.
But the road to realising a smart city dream is not void of speed-breakers.

  • Technology, however advanced, still faces challenges with coverage and capacity.
  • Implementation of solutions is another area of concern as it needs to be agile and suit the different needs of different cities.
  • Legislation and policies, lack of confidence or reluctance shown by stakeholders is an issue too.
  • Adopting Smart solutions means letting go of good-old, time-tested methods of running a city and adopting changes which many legislative are apprehensive of.
  • Integration of new and technologically advanced solutions with existing infrastructure for energy, water and transportation systems is yet another challenge.

Coming Together with the Government
Information Technology is changing the evolution of cities. The notion of “growing” cities based on implementing correct urban planning is being replaced with the idea of making a city “smart”. The Internet is changing the traditional urban planning model and compelling planners to not only consider the physical planning of a city but also to consider the use of Information Technology to make the economy, environment, mobility and governance of a city more efficient and effective. With the Indian Government too taking a plunge into transforming cities that are technologically advanced, the time is ripe for companies like Inspira to come forth with solutions.
Inspira is closely aligned to the government’s mission of smart cities by developing innovative and advanced smart city solutions, by partnering with world-renowned OEMs.
Its Smart City Solutions include:

  • Design & Build Smart City Operation Centre –Video Wall, iBMS, Networks, Workstation and Desktop.
  • City Wi-Fi, Networks, Data Security, DC and DR. — Design and offer Wi-Fi Solutions along with Controller, Partnered with World Renowned OEMs for Network, Data Security, DC and DR
  • Delivery of computing services over the internet, Efficient and Scalable, Auto Software update etc.
  • CCTV Surveillance — Video Management System, Video Analytics, Network Video Surveillance System.
  • Traffic Enforcement – ANPR, RLVD e-Challan — Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD), Speed Detection
  • Traffic Management — Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) – Traffic Lights, Pedestrian signals
  • Solid Waste Management — Real-time Vehicle Tracking, Use of RFID Technology, Weight Sensor & Volume Sensor
  • Smart Parking — Parking decision based on Analytics; App based Guided Parking
  • Smart Lighting — Remote Control based, Real-time energy and Parameters measurement
  • Smart Pole — Sensors for Lighting & Traffic Analytics, Antenna for communication with other Poles. Some Poles will have Gateways too, Speaker for Radio or Announcements.
  • Smart Elements — Public Address System, Environmental Sensors – Flood Sensors, Emergency Call Box – SOS, Variable Messaging Display, Mobile Apps, ERP and Utility.

Working at Grass-root Level
For Smart Cities to flourish, awareness is essential as it helps create an amicable environment for changes to come. The lesser the scepticism, the more accepting is the citizen for the smart city program. Inspira works for increasing social awareness about benefits like data-driven decision making, safe and secure community, enhanced engagement among citizens and local governing body. It believes that improved transportation increased digital services, better infrastructure, economic development etc. can be created through Social Media, Trade shows, and articles in magazine & Newspapers.
The company is aware that it isn’t alone in this sphere. To all the young and dynamic entrepreneurs who are trying to make a mark, Manoj says, “Our message to CIOs & CXOs is to stay ahead and adapt the futuristic technology that would help to keep your business efficiency level high.”
For a Smarter Future
Future is approaching fast with all the tech-advancements. Inspira partners with world-leading OEMs who invest heavily in R&D rather than just the box selling. Manoj says, “With the latest technological advancements it becomes imperative to stay abreast with the changes. Cloud and SDN offering has taken a giant leap in the current era. We have moved from Old-school delivery to more of a work-flow based delivery model.”
Changing times call for changes in methods and aspirations and businesses today are realising the benefits of going digital. The Government is supportive and drafting policies which require trades of various sizes to adopt digitalization. Start-ups are mushrooming across the country with disruptive inventions. The company feels, “Overall, it is a good time to be in this business and we will do our best to hit the iron while it is hot. We are revamping our SOC into a state-of-the-art facility, expanding our team and planning new offices in Africa and the USA.”

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