Integration Wizards: Creating Comprehensive Products with its Holistic IoT Offerings

Integration Wizards

The company, Integration Wizards Solutions Pvt. Ltd. came into existence with the idea of creating an enterprise landscape where everything is possible. It believes in the concept of ‘happily agile’, creating a solution for enterprises to adapt to whatever new technology that serves their requirements the best.
Scalable, secure, and seamless is the mantra of the company, which it adheres while creating its holistic IoT offerings. As per industry demands, it can connect anything to the cloud – mobile devices, sensors, and controllers. Integration Wizards believes in creating products in India, which can be used across the globe.
Innovation with integrity and team spirit are the key foundation pillars of this company. It empowers its clients with a smooth transition from one technology to another. Right from gathering requirement to creating an industry specific custom solution, to the final deployment, its expert team is there to hand-hold an enterprise at all stages.

A Trailblazer Leading by Example
Kunal Kislay is the Co-founder and CEO of Integration Wizards. He is a B.Tech IIT Mumbai alumnus and comes with over 14 years of Enterprise Mobility and Back Office Systems experience. He is responsible for strategic planning, developing the product road map and features, and technical mentoring among others. Kunal is a hands-on leader and believes in leading by example.

Kunal envisions company to generate, organize and consume enterprise data efficiently and more meaningfully. His extensive experience with integration of several kinds of devices with various network systems has given him an intuition that is borders on sorcery. Kunal has overseen the deployment of over 50 enterprise mobile solutions in various capacities, which have included mobile applications across several verticals like life sciences, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, finance, healthcare, oil and gas, transportation, etc., for back office systems including SAP, Siebel, Peoplesoft, Oracle EBusiness suite, JD Edwards et al. Kunal loves fast bowling and enjoys reading and writing.

Providing Services with an Inclusive & Customized Outlook
The firm provides its customers with complete solutions, including web and mobile apps embedded with, reporting, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It caters to the needs of a plethora of industries including, oil and gas industry, healthcare, safety, logistics, manufacturing, event management among others. Integration Wizards have plug and play solutions which reduces the time to market for its onboarding customers. It also supports enhancements and customization to the base product to suit customers’ requirement, which helps them embrace the product as their own.

Integration Wizards operates in the areas of Enterprise Mobility, Industrial IoT and Machine Learning. It believes that these fields are agile in their requirements with an ecosystem consisting of multiple devices with varying levels of intelligence. The company has constantly evolved, and always stays ahead of the changing times to provide what is required by an enterprise/ provide the enterprises requirements.
The firm’s distinct flagship product Silverline is a single platform for enterprise integration that encompasses mobility and IoT both. It is a completely Cloud-based platform and is built on Microsoft Azure with the ability to build native or cross-platform or hybrid mobile apps and is supported across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Silverline 2.0 extends its solution to support industrial devices in order to communicate, control, and automate them.

Integration Wizards’ forte lies in creating a robust interface, with the back office systems thru a responsive and user friendly interface on the mobile devices. The company’s team consists of the UI/UX experts who design and deliver a great user experience along with a team of Integration and back office systems experts for popular enterprise systems like SAP ERP/CRM, SAP BW, Oracle E-Business Solutions, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards, Oracle On Demand, Click, IFS to name a few.

Committed to a Healthy Work Environment
“A Healthy work environment is very important. As if the employees are happy then the work they do is more efficient and the products that are made come out in a better shape and give customers a better and enhanced solution,” asserts Kunal. He actively promotes this thought throughout his organization. The company believes that before one goes out and tries selling one’s products/services to end customers, the leader and team has to have complete belief and conviction.

To take care of the physical and mental fitness of the employees and to maintain a proper and happy work environment, the company organizes outings and trips. Integration Wizards also conduct various events like, ethnic day on the occasion of Independence Day to boost the morale of its employees. The company’s expert team works on an existing pre-built Industrial IoT platform, enabling it to give a fast turnover and lower the overhead cost without compromising on the quality of its solution.

Accolades and Future Standpoint
The company’s products are embraced by several Fortune 500 companies across 16 countries and are used by more than 16000 users.

With growing acceptance of IoT & cloud-based solutions widely in industry, the company finds itself at a very exciting phase wherein its gets ample opportunities to innovate and work on cutting edge projects. Integration Wizards are expanding into Industrial IoT and creating solutions like IRIS and LUMOS which can simplify the tracking, control, and monitoring of industries. Integration Wizards works towards an ultimate goal to help its customers to adapt to paradigm change in technology and run their business efficiently.

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