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Voxvalley Technologies

Voxvalley Technologies is one of the leading Telecommunication Software and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Communication Platform Providers in India. The company renders various services to its clients ranging from CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service), VoIP APIs & SDKs, OTT Mobile VoIP Platforms, Enterprise Business Communication Solutions to VoIP calling applications for Android, iOS, and Web. These services are backed by world-class technology with the aim of transforming communication and enterprise networks from a legacy environment to VoIP and cloud-based communication.

The company will be celebrating its tenth anniversary of success next year. Headquartered in Singapore with R&D center in India, sales offices and partners across the globe, Voxvalley has served over 30 million end-users and 6000 customers in 44 countries since its inception.

Its end-to-end VoIP communication solutions enable Telecoms, Service Providers, and Enterprises to seamlessly integrate voice, video, instant messaging, presence, and media sharing applications into their existing networks. These solutions help Voxvalley’s clients to offer secure reliable VoIP-based communication services to their end-users worldwide.

The firm’s mission is to develop cost-effective and innovative VoIP communication solutions by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry’s best practices that guarantee high ROI for businesses. It aspires to help its clients in achieving their end goals and improving their brand value and operational efficiency.

The Zealous and Benevolent Leader
Mr. Sajjan Mallik, is the Founder, CEO, and MD of Voxvalley. He is the secret behind the firm’s growth; from merely one room to a global company. He received his BCA degree from Osmania University and an Executive General Management Program (EGMP) degree from IIM, Lucknow. An affable person, Sajjan Mallik is fond of music, travelling, reading, and exploring electronic gadgets. He has a strong passion towards VoIP technology and he is widely recognized as one of the global thought leaders in this space. He has pioneered many VoIP innovations along with his team and enabled alternate means of telecommunications. Having passionately built the brand, Voxvalley, he is currently focused on the company’s global expansion strategy.
Let your passion drive you and success will eventually come. Our passionate and zealous team strives to develop VoIP and cloud-communication solutions that the world needs not just good money-making solutions.” he asserts. He further adds, “Forming the bedrock of Voxvalley’s success empowers me to focus on transforming traditional communication methods into easily usable and scalable methods.

Diverse Solutions
Team Voxvalley is made up of three business areas which cover- retail, cloud-communication solutions, and OTT solutions.
Vox CPaaS

CPaas is designed for the businesses that prioritize engagement and support strategies for reaching 100% of their potential customer base. By embedding Voxvalley’s programmable APIs into applications, businesses can achieve real-time communication features and stay competitive. These APIs are custom designed to add new capabilities like easy integration & developer friendly, portability, flexibility & customizability, reliability & scalability, and cost-effectiveness.
The company has its own IP-PBX module entailing:
IP-PBX: Vox UCM (Unified Communication Manager)
Auto-provisioning: Vox CCS (Client Configuration Server)
Mobile & desktop app: MoSIP C5
Its features include ring group, answering rules, reduction in IP hardware requirement, security settings, and so on.
MoSIP, an app for making calls to PSTN, launched by Voxvalley caters multiple retail VoIP providers by assigning a unique brand pin/OPCODE to each retail operator. MoSIP is a SIP based application which is used to make VoIP calls over the internet to any landline or mobile.
Vox Bridge
It is highly scalable VoIP tunneling software that delivers data encryption and compression to enhance quality of VoIP communication.
Vox Softswith
Softswitch usually referred to as switch, is the backbone of the VoIP industry. It is a software which handles IP-to-IP calls. In the VoIP industry, switches are in form of software.
Tringy (OTT solutions)

The features supported by Tringy include push notifications, package creation, instant messaging and video calls, contact management, and less bandwidth consumption.

Achievements and Recognitions
Voxvalley was recognized as one of the 20 most promising unified communication solution providers by a prestigious source in 2016. In the year 2013, it was recognized as one of the Top 100 Mobile Applications Vendors in India by a prominent magazine. It has been a winner of TMC product of the year continuous for the years 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Core Values and Comprehensive Vision
It envisions to be the market-leader in VoIP and cloud-communication solutions and is committed to delivering innovative and customized solutions for Telco’s, ITSPs, ISPs, MVNEs, VoIP providers and enterprises that can open up potential business opportunities for tapping maximum revenue. Thus, the company intends to create a conducive and mutually beneficial environment where the clients can grow and expand with it.
Since its inception, Voxvalley has been governed by its core values of- trust, responsiveness, empowerment, alignment, and transformation with the dynamically changing market place.

Roadmap of the Future
Voxvalley Technologies stands tall amongst the VoIP communication solutions providers. Since the very start; Voxvalley has been energetically bringing the power of VoIP and cloud-communication to life in the way businesses are conducted.

It aspires to come up with innovative yet sophisticated solutions for VoIP and cloud-communication. The focus of the company is on building a platform that supports nearly all functionalities and is developer-friendly. Furthermore, it looks forward to updating and improvising the platforms it provides to emerge out as a global leader. Voxvalley is focused towards applications and platforms that developers and businesses love and they use it to bring any communication solution they can think of to life.
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