Intel Foundry Partners with Wipro to Expedite Advancements in AI chip Design

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Wipro Limited, announced on February 21, an extended collaboration with Intel Foundry aimed at accelerating chip design innovation. Serving as the primary design services and alliance partner, Wipro will collaborate closely with Intel Foundry to expedite the advancement of Intel’s cutting-edge process nodes, including the Intel18A process node. A press release notes that the global AI chip market is projected to experience an average annual growth rate of 38 percent from 2023 to 2032.

The partnership between Wipro and Intel Foundry is strategically crafted to meet the escalating demand for AI chip production, as companies compete to introduce generative AI-powered products. Atul Kapur, Vice President and Business Head for HiTech at Wipro Limited, emphasized that this collaboration signifies a significant milestone towards Wipro’s integration into the semiconductor industry. He stated, “This collaboration opens up avenues for Wipro, bolstering chip supply and manufacturing. Working alongside Intel, we aim to furnish our clients with silicon devices utilizing established industry-standard processes and technologies from Intel Foundry. Our focus will be on tapping into emerging markets, particularly within the Gen AI realm, assisting our clients in reducing time-to-market.”

Rahul Goyal, Vice President and General Manager for Product and Design Ecosystem Enablement at Intel Foundry, expressed his excitement about Wipro joining Intel Foundry Direct Connect and showcasing their preparedness for Intel’s platforms. He highlighted Wipro’s extensive track record of delivering value across various industries and emphasized the anticipation of a fruitful partnership for the benefit of their shared global clientele.

On February 20, as part of its commitment to advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption, Wipro unveiled the Wipro Enterprise AI-Ready Platform. This groundbreaking service is crafted to equip enterprises with the tools necessary to construct bespoke, fully integrated AI environments tailored to their specific needs.

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