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Ashish Gupta Co-founder & Director Intellika Technologies (1) | Insights Success | Business Magazine

Intellika Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a state-of-the art Cloud solution’s provider and Microsoft Gold partner headquartered at Mumbai-Maharashtra, India. It provides sophisticated and comprehensive suite of Cloud Solution such as SAAS, PAAS & IAAS. In an Interview with Insights Success, Ashish Gupta, Co-founder &Director talks about his journey, milestones, and how Intellika Technologies is introducing changes in the cloud environment.
From taking the first step of your professional career, till today, how would you like to define this journey?
This journey has learning involved at every step. I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for my experience with each of the company I have worked with, so it goes without saying that I’m a firm believer taking up new learnings and challenge at every moment in life. There’s no shortcut to success and hence getting hands dirty in whatever possible work assigned to you is very important as everything has learning for you! The transition into the working world can be frightening and taking over tasks which were out of my comfort zone has always worked as a stepping stone in my career. Be it my decision to move from a Software company to an MNC bank or from an MNC Bank to a PSU Asset management firm or a switch from Banking into a real estate company and finally starting my own venture Intellika. Taking up new challenges has always given me a new zeal for growth and the immense learning opportunity which was not possible if I had taken a comfort zone with the company, I started my career.
Kindly brief us about the key milestones you have accomplished or some of the mentionable moments of your professional journey.
Well there have been many great moments throughout my career however there are two such incidents which holds special place in my heart. One was my first overseas assignment where I was given an opportunity to work in one of the biggest transformational projects in Banking sector impacting the way settlement between banks happen in Denmark. This was one of the best projects I have ever worked, and the result was a project which went live with lot of appreciation from the client. Second milestone off course was the first project we bagged for Intellika; it was a Sales Transformation project using CRM for a manufacturing firm. Though project size was not large in terms of value but for us it was a big milestone in terms of the impact we had brought to our customers in terms of productivity improvement and Return on Investment.
What is the one thing that is acting as your motivational tool? Or, who is your role model and how the person inspires and motivates you?
My father has been my role model and he has always inspired me to take things with positive attitude. He used to always tell me that “Never look back at your past mistakes learn from them and move forward, as a person who does not make mistakes can never be successful “. His words have always motivated me to look forward in life and try new things even though it may lead to failures.  His teachings have always helped me to become a better person in life and improvise further.
How do you define ‘consummate quality work’ as the vital differentiator for you in the market?
At Intellika we believe in consummate quality work and it has always acted as a big differentiator for us in market. We are known in market for the great skills we posses around the services we offer and the passion we have to make our customer successful. All our associates are groomed with the vision to keep customer first and then work on the solutions. The customer first mission has always helped us to understand our customer better and provide the quality which is not compromised.
What are the distinctive services offered by Intellika Technologies?
Intellika is Digital transformation consulting Services Company where Microsoft stack of technologies are the pillar to our services and solution offerings. For us the Digital transformation initiative revolves around, how well we can help any company better engage their customers, empower its employees, transform products and optimize operations. We offer complete stack of Microsoft solutions to support each of these strategy for our customers be it Office 365 Solutions for employee productivity, Dynamics 365 Solution Platform for Customer engagement and Operational efficiency, Azure Cloud services as an extensible platform, integrated applications to use data as a strategic asset and innovate with new business models with shift from reactive to proactive.
Been a Gold-certified Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Partner, how does it add value and keeps you ahead of the fierce market competition?
Microsoft has set some stringent processes to differentiate its partners and gold competency is one of them. Gold competency for a partner is set on various parameters which include product offerings and threshold in terms of minimum revenue, certified resources and referenceable customers in a particular year. This competency is renewed every year and hence maintaining them regularly requires a partner to be always on edge and deliver quality as per the standard laid. This accolade definitely adds value to us when competing against our other players in market who does not have this competency as most of the customers are well aware of the benefits which this competency offers.
Kindly share your perspective on the current industry scenario and how do you see the future of Cloud application in India at the Industry level.
In last two years the cloud services market in India has seen a phenomenal growth. It reached 1.8 billion$ in the year 2017 against 1.3 billion in the year 2016. SMB contribution to the Cloud services is expected to grow at a rapid pace and by 2020 it is expected that by adopting cloud SMB would contribute additional 10% to GDP this making overall contribution towards GDP as 46-48% by 2020. This will help Cloud business surpass 4.1 billion dollars by 2020. In fact, a recent survey by Microsoft India and the Thought Arbitrage Research Institute (TARI) shows that small and medium businesses can improve cash flows by up to 308%, owing to the flexibility provided by cloud solutions, and that 96% of SMBs find a positive impact on their operating expenses within two years of cloud use. India Today is second only to china in terms of the growth in cloud services across Asia Pacific. With a robust GDP growth in last fiscal year and increased penetration of internet in India, cloud services will be one of the most booming sectors for Indian Market.
What would be your advice to the budding players waiting to make a mark in this industry?
Keep innovating around your customers! The world today is changing at a very past pace and technology will play major role in what it shapes into. The simple mantra for budding players would be to keep pushing themselves and bring in innovation to disrupt the world around them. Every customer is different and hence every problem defined by customer is different. Keep innovating around those problems and this will differentiate you from others.

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