ITC Introduces Massive Investment in Uttar Pradesh to Broaden its Business in the State


Recently, CEO of ITC, Sanjeev Puri met Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in Lucknow at his official residence to introduce massive investment in the state so as to broaden its business. The possible avenues were discussed between them.
A state government official said that during the meeting with the CM, Sanjeev Puri proposed investments in the sector of food and consumer goods, green energy and settlements of a logistic hub in Ghaziabad which is worth more than Rs.1,100 crore approximately. The investments will be around Rs.800 crore for the production of people’s favorite food items including noodles, biscuits and snacks. The Logistics Hub in Ghaziabad would require an investment of Rs.120 crore along with the setup of Solar Power Plant in Bundelkhand for spreading over 15 acres which will cost the company of around Rs. 120 crore.
The up-grading in investments and the policies regarding the industrial development of the State Government is elevated by ITC. The company is inclined to expand its business activities in the state.
“The Government is making every possible effort to boost ‘Ease of Doing Business’ policies pertaining to different sectors that have been implemented in which there are attractive provisions for establishing industries”, said UP Chief Minister.
Anup Chandra Pandey, Infrastructure and Industrial Development Commissioner of UP government have recently stated that “ITC has also introduced heavy investments in the technology and marketing domain to twice the income of the farmers. The company is also savvy in the food department and will be able to help farmers by providing better seeds, direct purchasing of crops from farmers, processing, etc. It has also introduced a set up for Agro Park between Unnao and Lucknow for food processing”.
The investment of ITC is expected to lead towards the development of the state. This will help the company to spread its business goals in the defined areas. This will provide more opportunities of employability for the people in the state. The government has also approached ITC for settling their hotel projects in tourist circuits. Company officials said that the company has agreed to this and will soon be submitting the reports to the government.

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