Jitender Goswami: A Globally Indian Google Verified Digital Marketing Expert & Founder of SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd.

Jitender Goswami
Jitender Goswami

The greatest approach for your business––small, medium, or big––to succeed in today’s hyper-digital marketplace is to amplify your digital presence exponentially. The most significant way to create and augment your online buzz is by boosting your website traffic. There are three crucial factors to expand your digital platform’s reach and scope––Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Competitor Analysis; and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Now, there are two ways to integrate these vital elements into your business’s core digital functioning. Either to do it on your own; a very time, money, effort, and resources consuming approach. Or to partner with Jitender Goswami, the Founder, and CEO of SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd.

India’s No.1 Digital Marketing Company

Moreover, in the first option, there is no guarantee of success or return on your investment. On the other hand, in partnering with Jitender, you not only learn how to drive more traffic to your website in only 30 minutes with step-by-step instructions on how to do it, but also receives fresh ideas for your business, an innovatively creative approach, optimum SEO optimization, and guaranteed success. Jitender ensures, “I promise you there is a guaranteed way to succeed in anything you do, as we share years of real-time experience with our customers. We are an experienced digital marketing agency located in India, specializing in B2B marketing, with a wide range of services including SEO, consultancy, branding, and custom websites.”

SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd. is an organization that deals in the digital world, by offering the latest digital marketing necessities to people all over the world. It offers services to clients and makes the growing digital world easy and understandable to the people around it. Jitender recalls, “I Started SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd. Company in the year 2020 with a vision to make it one of India’s no.1 Digital Marketing Companies that empowers the brands for real.” And in the time span of less than a year, SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd. has established its strong and indisputable position in more than eight countries across the globe including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Bangkok, England, and Russia, expanding its wide varieties and ability to make brands mutants with its magical strategies and functioning which took the company to new heights.

A Might Vision

Jitender’s mindset of setting up something unique and creative resulted in SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd. In other words, it is the practical or physical presence of his vision in the digitally captivated world. He started with only Networking and then shifted to Digital Marketing, in which he has expanded his reach from minor-level customers to middle and high.

SMMPackage PVT. LTD., now known as the No. 1 Indian Digital Marketing Company, also comes under the list of ‘World’s Top Digital Marketing Companies.’ Jitender informs, “We have worked with top-known brands, celebrities, and individuals too. And no one, literally no one had ever complained about anything, our client satisfaction rate is quite high and that’s one of the prime supremacy we always keep which leads us to be India’s no.1 Digital Marketing Company.”

Within a year of its commencement, the success graph of the firm has been showing excellent growth. Now, it is one of the leading firms in the digital marketing venture who has been serving its customers in different countries.

Digital Captivation

SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd. is offering the best possible solutions to its customers while maintaining the dignity and integrity of the professional world. Besides this, the CEO of the organization supervises each assignment on his own. The humble, patient and hardworking nature of Jitender attracts customers and helps in maintaining long-term relations with his clients, colleagues, and employees. He appreciates the people involved in his team which motivates them to give their best to the SMMPackage and the clients. Some of the basic values followed by SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd. are:

  • Consistency
  • Punctuality
  • Honesty
  • Efficiency and
  • Human Relations.

These core values empowered Jitender’s entrepreneurial journey which hasn’t been a bed of roses. “But persistent efforts never go in vain, and neither did mine,” shares Jitender. From working at a 9-to-5 job to receiving the ‘Best Entrepreneur of the Year, 2021’ award, ‘India Prime Icon Award 2022, and the ‘Indian Business Excellence Award 2022’ the journey was full of hardships and moments where he felt like giving up on all of it, but he didn’t, which is the reason he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs.

An Entrepreneurial Icon of Excellence

Jitender developed his skills through various professional training and courses like Masters of Computer Application, as well as Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing certified by Google. “No one is born with skills, what matters is what we do to enhance what excites and fascinates us. It is not easy to quit something that offers us the security of income and do what our heart says,” reflects Jitender. But he did and did it with panache.

That is why, today, SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as the ultimate option for growing, enhancing, engaging, and even setting up a new business entity in this fast-growing society. “Since social sites/channels play a vital role in promoting and highlighting new or old businesses to people, we are like a bridge between the business entities and the current socio-economical atmosphere,” expresses Jitender.

The organization provides the facilities like SEO Services, Social Media Marketing, Website Designing, Mobile App Development, Google Ads, PPC Services, Content Writing, and Graphic Designing. The monetization of digital accounts on Twitter, YouTube, etc. has also been an effective exercise at SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd. Starting with just Networking, Jitender has grown his venture with his constant efforts and dedication, which also made him achieve the title of…

India’s No.1 Google Verified Digital Marketer

Jitender’s take on adopting AI and ML by businesses is optimistic. He says, “The modern scenario around us, demands growth in the techniques and procedures that are useful for business organizations.” In this way, Artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest need and demand of the digital fever in the world.

SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd. is a platform that holds the services required by clients in any way and anywhere in the world. So, it is quite obvious that the organization has been into AI for their tasks and assignments, and most importantly to cope with the competition in the area. Jitender also believes in, “Change is the need of growth strategy. Hence, the adaptation of AI in the business proves to be a boon for businesses all over the world.”

Trumping Hurdles

Shading light on the various challenges he had to surmount to make sure SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd. could taste the sweet success, Jitender says that the life circle of any organization includes the pros and cons of its surroundings. “In these two years, we overcame a lot of hurdles to reach the top position in the market,” he says, who encountered the most common and long-term challenge in terms of growing dynamic platforms, finding and creating unique masterpieces of content, and the competition in the digital marketing area. Yet, under the adept leadership of Jitender and with his positive approach toward everything the organization has shown tremendous growth in such a short period.

Triumphant Wisdom

Jitender has been an idealistic figure in the Digital Marketing arena. He has shown that ‘steps taken in the right direction with a never giving up attitude can give wings to your dreams.’ Jitender being in the industry for two long years, advised the budding entrepreneurs to focus on their dreams and be consistent with their actions because growth and success don’t come in the blink of an eye. He also recommends that having a proper vision and detailed study about the industry would lead you to sustain in it more authentically.

On envisioning SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd.’s operations and offerings in the future, Jitender reveals, “I want my company to be recognized as an international brand in the digital marketing field. My team and I are working very diligently on our mission. I am a very visionary entrepreneur.”

SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd. is fast emerging as one of the most recommended digital marketing firms with an online 5-star rating.

The Lord of Victory

He continues, “Currently, we are working with many brands, but in the next five years, we will work with many international brands to advertise their products and services. Our main vision is to grow small businesses on online platforms with the help of our digital marketing services.”

The reviews on its official site––https://smmpackage.in/––is a proof that the services provided by the firm have been authentically satisfying its customers. Almost each one of them has a positive response from the other end. SMMPackage Pvt. Ltd. deserve this appreciation and support since they are giving their best to the customers.

Jitender concludes, With our services, we have monetized 200+ YouTube channels. But in the next five years, the count will be more than one thousand. In financial terms, the turnover of the company will cross 1crore rupees. And also, we are thinking about hiring more than one hundred employees for our digital marketing company.”

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