Mohit Verma: Perfectly Guiding You Exemplify Your Future via Franchise Trade

Mohit Verma
Mohit Verma

Enterprising is a generational endeavour of collective entrepreneurial spirits and professional business minds. The traditional mindset of earning short-term profit from your business entity is neither valid anymore nor sustainable in the present and future scenario. Times have changed and changed unprecedentedly. You can sense it in the global market nerves and smell it in the shifting winds of digitally-driven globalization and the technologically evolved fourth industrial revolution. Unprecedented times demand exceptionally adept and exemplary leaders with the strategic might of ages, visionary acumen to astutely predict upcoming transformations, and agility and ability to adapt to those fluctuations pragmatically.

This is where distinctively entrepreneurial qualities and traits of successful leaders make all the difference. According to Mohit Verma, the Founder, and CEO of Franchise Trade, an attitude of never giving up is a must for an entrepreneur, because being so takes great mistakes and even greater courage to take accountability for it and go through the road of learning, unlearning and relearning. One should also possess leadership skills, know how to communicate, should be creative, and is ready to adapt. Apart from that, a pinch of peppy energy with lots of curiosity and passion will assemble a great entrepreneur for the upcoming market.

Never Ever Give Up

Because, Mohit Verma reveals that considering the current industry scenario, there are many challenges lurking in the garb of times, which an entrepreneur must overcome to become successful. He states, “If we talk about today’s challenges, they are majorly versatile and unpredictable.”

From ongoing changes in the market to changes in government politics, to even biological challenges and adaptation, say, the Corona period, it has created a much more complicated web than before for almost all the companies in almost all industries. The emerging changes that are ever going have produced the need for market prophecies and watchdogs to keep the company stable in the long run.

He shares, “At Franchise Trade, we right now have a great team to perform such jobs effortlessly and with accuracy to support and strengthen our business. To overcome this in a new age generation of social media, we make sure to utilize it as much as possible. We use all social media and PR platforms for our Business promotion.”

Build Your Future

Franchise Trade is a platform for brands and investors for consulting, marketing, business buying, franchising, and reselling existing businesses. Franchise Trade has a ‘Dynamic Team having an experience of more than ten years in consulting, marketing, and franchising of established and start-up brands to get growth to their business and also to individuals who want to get into entrepreneurship. Franchise trade deals into 500+ brands across ten different industries and more than 50 sub-sectors like retail, education, F & B, health fitness and sports, distribution and manufacturing, entertainment and leisure, business services, travel and tourism, automobiles, beauty, wellness, etc.

Franchise Trade has always tried to match the perfect business opportunity with the Investors, whether they are individuals, groups, or companies. Mohit assures, “We have well-defined systems and processes that ensure that you engage with companies, correctly and create mutually beneficial relationships.”

Partnering Globally Celebrated Brands  

Briefing more about Franchise Trade’s USPs positioning them as one of the best consulting, marketing, and franchising solutions providers, Mohit says that his company is mainly focused on people looking to invest their money and diversify their line of business.

“Our USP is providing people knowledge and guidelines on how and which business models they can invest into. I believe the reason we are positioned as the best service providers is that we don’t tend to compromise on the quality of services we provide even if we have to lose the business. We Have built a belief that we provide the best services that will never put you down for which our work with many national, international, and celebrity-linked brands such as European brand Jymka associated with Celina Jaitely, Prince Narula led Brand Muscle and Strength India, Chisel featuring Virat Kohli, Sports Fit ambassador by MS Dhoni, Jwala Gutta’s badminton academy, Cricket Academy of Irfan Pathan, Zomo Retail by Yuvika Chaudhary amongst others speaks for itself,” adds Mohit Verma.

Own Your Tomorrow

Elaborating on the Process to own a Business, Mohit reveals that there are a total of seven steps.

Step 1: Client Profiling

The first step in owning a franchise is to Assess the knowledge of the client on franchising and New Business. This is achieved by doing complete Profiling of the client. He says, “Further, our trained staff works tenaciously to provide the best opportunities based on requirements and abilities.”

Step 2: Choosing the Right Path

Buying a franchise is easier than starting a self-owned and Branded business. Running a business is a demanding affair that takes time, investment, focus, and discipline. Franchising does not provide results overnight. In most cases, it does not yield instant results. However, it does involve a lesser risk than starting a self-owned brand but like any other business, franchising is also a long-term plan. “Connoisseurs of franchising, we will assist you in finding the right franchise. Getting in touch with our consultants will set you out on the path to franchise ownership. By registering with us, you will be presented with a list of franchising opportunities that are the best suited to your goals and needs,” asserts Mohit.

Step 3: Shortlist Options

There is a plethora of franchise options to invest in across various sectors like health and fitness, education, retail, distribution and manufacturing, food and beverages, business services, sports, travel, and tourism, etc. He promises, “Based on your preferences, goals, and needs, we will devise a list of franchise options especially suited to you.”

Step 4: Analysis

He furthers that they will provide clients with shortlisted franchise choices along with in-depth data on them including but not limited to the project info, ROI plan, approx. financials, etc., for them to assess and research.

Step 5: Introduction with Brand

Once the in-depth analysis and brainstorming are done with its consultants, Franchise Trade will put you through the right person who will then walk you through the brand’s business model and provide you with a copy of their franchise kit or their detailed franchise model which will help you take a final decision if suited.

Step 6: Brand Buying

Mohit believes that by buying a franchise, you are buying a fully-fledged system that comes with a detailed instruction manual on how to proceed with every aspect of your business. “Through our Brand Buying process, you will receive all research tools necessary to investigate the franchise. We will aid you with choosing the right franchise from the relevant ones, negotiations, know-how on the franchise model, business viability, legal, and everything that you will need in terms of assistance to take a new business,” he says.

Step 7: Start Your Own Business

Mohit expresses, “With an aim of aiding people to the successful route of owning a franchise, we provide the assistance needed to set up a thriving business. Now that you have a better understanding of franchising, you have to address things you want to include and exclude in your dream business. Hence, you can contact our Consultants today and help us assist you to make a strong Foothold in your franchise business.”

A Saga of a Constant Entrepreneurial Pull

Sharing his entrepreneurial saga, Mohit conveys that he was always into business and finance, and thus took the decision to study commerce and continued to pursue an MBA to gain valuable knowledge that can be applied in the area of his interest. Alongside his studies, he discovered his passion for working with retail brands and has stuck to it. “I believe you do best in what you have a pull towards with that mantra I have succeeded to raise eight companies in my 15+ years of experience in management consulting, corporate planning, franchise advisory, and development space with companies like Franchise Trade, Knockout Wellness, Salt n Spice Hospitality, Muscle and strength India, Body Building India, Verve Consultant, Presto Shipping, Think Smart Investments, Quick food brands and more,” he mentions. Overall, he has worked with 500+ National and international brands delivering 15,000+ franchisees across industries.

On his leadership skills, values and qualities greatly admired by his clients and colleagues, Mohit says that is a very subjective question! “If I have to speak about it I would guess that they admire the risk-taking and the ability to mentor, both of which I feel are very necessary for a company to grow. When clients approach us, they put their faith in us for the consultation we provide and it becomes our duty to guide them to the best of our knowledge. I also am really appreciative of the inputs from the team and try to inculcate the ones that seem best for the growth obviously giving due credit to them. These qualities and skills are what I assume are the reason for the growth in companies,” he puts.

The Most Trusted Brand Strategist

Telling more about Franchise Trade’s offering and aspects that make it stand out in today’s knowledge economy, Mohit divulges that in recent years, there has been a rising awareness about business investments and diversification. In today’s growing business market, it becomes very crucial to determine which brand to choose because businesses are no more just bread-earning machines but a passion and responsibility to be carried forward with utmost sincerity through generations. Here, he states, “We cover all the aspects of a business model when opting for a franchise, ranging from long-term profit goals to employee handling and efficiency boost in this resource, we’ve got it all covered like a mentor to guide you through the days for a better future, by reminding the right steps to take, channelizing a practical approach to your Company’s development.”

Being an experienced leader and sharing his frank opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML impacts his industry and how Franchise Trade is adapting to the change, Mohit reveals that adapting to modern technologies is how you grow and stay relevant in the market. Using AI is the second most important thing for any company to excel, first is the products/services. “However, Our Industry requires hands-on experience and personal knowledge upgrades every now and then and it’s not based on any set algorithm so when it comes to consulting, technologies like AI and ML have not impacted much,” he believes.

Shaping Your Entrepreneurial Prospects

In his profound advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the consultancy space, Mohit says that he would guide them to be risk-takers and learners with a stern disciplinarian and hardworking attitude. “The upcoming market isn’t for loose fitters who leave things to go with the flow rather it asks for the risk takers who would drive the market with their ability and experience that comes from their inside ethic. So, either develop the ability and don’t think twice before giving it all you have. Also, discuss your ideas with your team- no matter if it consists of barely one person and then goes through with it.”

On envisioning scaling Franchise Trade’s operations and offerings in the future, Mohit shares that they plan to expand themselves in the field of marketing and events along with the consultancy as, “I highly believe they would be a great key to strengthen our long-term goal. Also, we wish to have more of our branches across India, but well, that is for the future and it is all more exciting if you know about it at the due time,” he says.

Finally, shading lights on awards, accolades, and client praise they have received, Mohit cites that nothing can accurately determine a company’s position in the market but its customers and “Ours are, as we see, content with us. We have been highly recommended by renowned brands and professionals for our efforts and efficiency in this field. One can always go through our website for such testimonials along with awards and appreciation our company has attained over the years.”

Clients Testimonials:

A few of them are given here,

  • One of the best company we have partnered with. Signed multiple master and unit franchises with them.” – Muscle & Strength India.
  • Consulting and marketing team of Franchise Trade is well experienced and sales team is aggressive.” – Mr Rohit, Director, IFMS.
  • Reputed brand options and a wide variety to choose from.”- Mr Rahul, Investor.

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