June 2019 records 22% Y-o-Y growth in talent demand:TimesJobsRecruiteX

June 2019 records 22% Y-o-Y growth in talent demandTimesJobsRecruiteX | Business Magazine
  • IT/Telecom had highest Y-o-Y growth in talent demand, followed by Consumer Durables/FMCG

  • Among top metros, Chennai posted highest growth in talent demand on Y-o-Y basis

  • Professionals with an experience of 10-20 years were most in-demand in comparison between June’18 Vs June’19

    New Delhi, July 10, 2019:TimesJobs has released the findings of its RecruiteXJune 2019edition. As per the June 2019 edition, talent demand is on an upswing at India Inc. – indicating that it is business as usual at the corporate floorsas the Modi 2.0 government is settling in and formulating the new union budget. RecruiteX is a monthly recruitment index that records the demand and supply of talent across different industries.
    The month of June 2019 posted 22% Y-o-Y growth in talent demand, like the May 2019 trend. The latest edition revealed that theIT/Telecom sector noted highest Y-o-Y talent demand with 28% growthfollowed by the Consumer Durables/FMCG sector which posted 23% Y-o-Y growth in talent demand.
    Commenting on the findings of the June 2019 edition of TimesJobs RecruiteX, Sanjay Goyal, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig said, “It’s promising to see that the talent demand is positive despite the recent elections and government formation – a period that typically sees some instability. While the IT sector has traditionally been a big employment generator in India,it’s good to note that other key sectors such as Healthcare, Construction, and Consumer Durables/FMCG sectors have also witnessed strong Y-o-Y growth in talent demand. Even the location-wise hiring trends have shown a positive picture with Chennai showing a Y-o-Y growth of 46%.”
    In sector-wise Y-o-Y analysis revealed that Healthcare and Construction sectors have witnessed 21% growth each in talent demand, thereby claiming the third and fourth spot on the list.
    Retail sector (7%) noted the highest growth in talent demand in the M-o-M analysis. The sector was followed by Consumer Durables/FMCG (3%).
    The key findings of TimesJobs RecruiteX are:
    Sectors with most talent demand (Y-o-Y study):
    • IT/Telecom- 28% growth
    • Consumer Durables/FMCG – 23% growth
    • Healthcare – 21% growth
    The Retail sector claimed the highesttalent demand in June 2019’s M-o-M comparison andnoted 16% Y-o-Y growth.
    Functional-areas most in demand (Y-o-Y study):
    • IT/Telecom – 31% growth
    • Logistics/ Supply Chain Management – 20% growth
    • Sales/Business Development – 19% growth
    IT/Telecom sector has been consistently posting stronggrowth in talent demand since December 2018.
    Locations with most talent demand(Y-o-Y study):
    • Chennai – 46% growth
    • Indore – 46% growth
    • Bengaluru – 42% growth
    Among states, Andhra Pradesh (Except Hyderabad) posted an impressive 64% uptick in Y-o-Y study of talent demand.
    Work experience most in-demand(Y-o-Y study):
    • 10-20 years of work experience – 31% growth
    • Less than 2 years – 21% growth
    • 5-10 years – 19% growth
    About RecruiteX:-
    RecruiteX is the recruitment index for India. It is an analysis identifying the hiring activity and trends in India Inc. Based on tactful extraction and examination of jobs posted and applied for in a month at TimesJobs, it details ‘recruitment’ as a process backed by hiring sentiments of a recruiter and aspirations of the job seekers alike.

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