Kanchan Keshari: Perfecting Your Speaking Anywhere, Anytime by English Connection 

Kanchan Keshari
Kanchan Keshari

Speaking perfect English fluently and confidently in the modern era gives your professional career the boost it needs. On the other hand, not being able to converse in the internationally spoken language can be a significant barrier to increasing your personal confidence and advancing your professional career. Many non-native speakers find it extremely difficult to converse in this foreign language due to fear, a lack of resources and the necessary environment, a variety of other factors, and finally, a lack of guidance or an exceptionally skilled trainer.

There is wonderful news for all of them. Don’t be afraid! Kanchan Keshari is here to assist you. She has simple and straightforward solutions to all of your problems related to your inability to communicate in English. In fact, she has already assisted over 100 million people around the world in learning the language by perfecting their speaking skills anywhere, at any time through English Connection YouTube Channel–India’s premier institution, founded with the sole purpose of initiating, enabling, and empowering individuals to grow into extraordinary professionals by providing a platform for them to improve their daily English through Audio and Video lessons.

Kanchan, the Founder, and CEO ensures, “Now there is no need to go to any English school or set a study schedule as you can study and learn anytime, anywhere. With English Connection, the lessons are ready for your studying on a click. You can take them online or download and save them on your gadgets for your easy access when you are offline.”

From Impossible to I’m Possible

Kanchan further assures that one can learn English easily and quickly as each lesson is ten to 20 minutes’ duration. Thus, if one is tired of spending hours reading textbooks and dictionaries, or constantly searching for information on search engines including Google, one will love English Connection’s learning videos. “Because they are designed to teach you a lot of useful Daily English quickly and effectively,” says Kanchan.

She explains that her teaching style is practical and clear. According to her, learning English doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing! “If you’re frustrated with the English language or are confused by ‘information overload’ when studying, at English Connection we help you learn English easily. “Always remember: Nothing is tough, nothing is impossible!” she states.  “English Connection’s courses are self-paced, which means you learn at your own rhythm. You can take one lesson a day, one lesson a week, or ten lessons a day – there’s no limit. Everything is up to you,” she adds.

Learning by Modern Pedagogical Principles

She further adds that their learning courses include All Grammar Lessons, Spoken English, Daily Use Sentences, Vocabulary, Conversations, and Verbal Aptitude. However, she reveals that practising speaking is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of learning English. “Once you can speak even a little English, there are loads of ways to improve your skills quickly while having lots of fun,” she says, adding, “Our mission is simple: To make learning easier by taking advantage of modern pedagogical principles.”

Telling more about the saga of her reputed business since its inception, Kanchan says that English Connection was started in Oct 2017 with the vision to serve millions of people. Today the English Connection is training more than 100 million people across the globe.

Sharing her inspiration behind venturing into the business arena, Kanchan says, “I wanted to do the business from home itself as I had a one-year-old baby. So, social media was one of the best options to go with.”

Kanchan is not working alone. She has become a successful entrepreneur from a housewife and she is working with her family: husband, Rupesh Keshari who has served as a bank official for 15 years and daughter, Adwita Keshari who has secured her name in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ for the Youngest Person to Publish a Bilingual Book (female)and in the ‘World Book of Records – London’ for the Youngest English Trainer at the age of five.

A Connection Forever

When probed what were the initial challenges that she had to surmount to ensure English Connection’s success rate reached greater heights, she cites, “No technical support and non-availability of the resources were the initial challenges but I started with a pen and copy. Later on, I continued upgrading when and where possible.”

She also says that “Accuracy and consistency are the keys to my success.” And these are also her professional values and qualities greatly admired by her students.

Revealing USPs that highlight the brand English Connection’s uniqueness in the industry, she says, “I always try to provide my viewers practical and authentic content in a short span of time.”

As an experienced young leader, her advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is, “Start from where you are and with what you have. And every day #BetterYourself”.

Finally, on envisioning English Connection’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Kanchan says that technologies are something that is emerging and will be emerging always, “All we need to do is keep the pace. I envision my company’s operations reach the top always,” she concludes.

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