Vandana Khilare: Ensuring You Slay It With Skin and Your Unique Beauty


Our skin is the most exposed and delicate organ of our body, covering it from head to toe to fingernails. In its exposure, it has to battle many external adversaries, including heat, cold, rainy environments, adverse climatic conditions, sunrays, dust, dirt, small particles, rashes, burns, cuts, injuries, allergies and whatnot.

In today’s era, pollution, hazardous chemicals, and adulterated substances are part and parcel of our daily lives. How much we wish to defend ourselves from so many challenges, once in a while, we get affected by any one or many of the externally unavoidable circumstantial factors.

It directly or indirectly affects our skin and its health. Sometimes, the conditions are mild and self-healing. However, many times, the severity of the situation is intense. Whatever the case, we must use the mantra of ‘prevention is better than cure.’

To aid us in preventing skin damage and, in unavoidable situations, treat our skin with the utmost care, Vandana Khilare – the Cosmetologist and the Founder – is always available to you with her firm…

Slay It With Skin

Vandana is a practising cosmetologist and an educator in her field. She has been practising skin care for years and founded Slay It With Skin with a vision to bring awareness about skincare issues and bring medically backed solutions to it.

Telling more about her company, Vandana says, “We at Slay It With Skin don’t only provide routines and services. We are also highly motivated to create employment and bring more awareness on how this field can create a well-practised professional providing professional services and be employed. We are also focused on providing our services online for the comfort of our clients.”

A certified DJPIMAC and licensed CIDESCO, Vandana has had a remarkable journey in her business, where she has undergone transformative experiences. She began as an educator, where she was able to inspire and nurture young minds. However, her interest in creative expression in functional spaces led her to shift to interior design. “With the lockdown, there was a need for change, and I found my true calling in skincare consultation and coaching,” Vandana recalls.

This transition was not just a change of direction but a convergence of her experiences, passion, and world needs. Today, her business is a testament to adaptability, growth, and the pursuit of excellence in skincare.

Nurturing and Empowering Everybody

Vandana shares that she was inspired to enter the skincare consultation and coaching business due to the transformative impact of the post-lockdown world. During the lockdown, people started valuing self-care and personal well-being more, making her realize skincare’s significance. She saw how individuals turned to skincare as a means of self-care during uncertain times, and it resonated with her. “As someone passionate about nurturing and empowering others, I saw an opportunity to use my knowledge and creativity to guide individuals toward healthier skin and enhanced confidence.”

This vision aligned with the emerging trends, where virtual connections were becoming integral. Hence, post-lockdown, Vandana started her skincare consultation and coaching business to provide personalized guidance, fostering inner and outer radiance in a world undergoing a profound transformation.

A Skincare Professional with a Personalized Approach

However, there were initial challenges that she had to surmount to ensure her business’s success rate reached the level it is today. Starting a skincare business had its challenges. She reveals, “We needed to be innovative with marketing, collaborate with influencers, and integrate advanced technology. Consistent communication, client feedback, and quality were priorities. We managed finances and stayed updated on industry trends to deliver skincare excellence. I feel the real struggle of a woman to manage her roles and energies with grace and ease.”

In slaying the challenges, Vandana’s professional values and qualities made her clients trust her and her company the most. She says, “As a skincare professional, my clients value my in-depth expertise and personalized approach.”

Also, she prioritizes honesty, ensuring realistic expectations and ethical practices. Delivering visible results and exceptional customer service form the core of Vandana’s service at Slay It With Skin. She stays updated on industry trends to offer innovative solutions without compromising safety and quality.

Vandana builds strong, lasting relationships by listening to her clients and showing empathy. “Educating and engaging with my clients empower them to make informed skincare choices, fostering a sense of trust and community,” she adds.

Making You Understand the Accuracy of Skincare

Also sharing the USPs highlighting the brand Slay It With Skin’s uniqueness in the industry, Vandana says that their skincare brand distinguishes itself through the synergy of nature-inspired science, customized regimens, and sustainable practices. Backed by clinical research, they offer a community-oriented approach with ethically sourced ingredients, continuous education, and innovative solutions. Their holistic wellness perspective ensures visible results and skin health, encapsulating the essence of their brand’s uniqueness in the industry they serve.

Vandana shares, “I don’t just do skincare treatments; I educate my students and clients to understand the accuracy of skincare.”

Words of Wisdom

As an experienced professional, her advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is right on the mark. She says to aspiring entrepreneurs: Let passion fuel purpose, embrace learning, and cultivate resilience. Focus on customer needs, build a strong network, and execute swiftly. Embrace risks thoughtfully, manage time effectively, and learn from failures. Uphold ethics, stay authentic, and maintain a growth mindset. With patience, persistence, and adaptability, navigate the business world’s challenges toward meaningful success.

A Genuinely Constant Human Touch

On envisioning Slay It With Skin’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Vandana divulges that at her skincare consultation and coaching company, she and her team of professionals believe in utilizing the latest technologies and automated tools to improve their services and provide innovative solutions. By utilizing AI-powered skin analysis, they offer accurate, personalized recommendations, ensuring their clients receive the highest level of customization.

They also plan to implement virtual reality to create immersive experiences for clients, allowing them to visualize their skin transformations. With automated scheduling systems and chatbots, they can streamline the booking process and handle customer inquiries, ultimately improving their efficiency. Additionally, they track clients’ progress and preferences by utilizing data analytics, providing better-tailored offerings. “Despite integrating technology, we will always maintain a human touch and prioritize genuine empathy, expertise, and client relationships at the core of our services,” concludes Vandana.

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