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Kanoe Softwares

Today there is a global need for security given the rising instances of security breaches, identity theft and data hacking. Governments and business alike are looking for authentication technologies that not only provide reliable security, but are also extremely difficult to fake. Biometrics is one such solution that fulfills all these conditions as well as provides a great deal of convenience to the users. This technology authenticates individuals based on their bodily or behavioral characteristics such as fingerprints, iris, gait etc. and therefore it is extremely unlikely that intruders can fake the user’s identity.
Founded in 1999, the Kanoe Softwares Limited (KSL) is a recognized leader in the provision of software solutions and services with more than 17 years of professional experience and practical engagement. It is guided by the philosophy that ensures efficient delivery of cutting-edge IT services, software and security solutions via Optimization of Quality, Time & Cost.
With their prominent presence in India as well as a strong representation in Nairobi-Kenya Wanchai-Hong Kong and London-UK, KSL has established a strong constellation of companies with large, diverse customers operating in over 30 countries around the world. Together with the unique combination of their expertise and premier technologies, KSL efficiently designs software solutions of any scale and complexity, while maintaining a customer-centric approach to delivering quality services in time, every time.
Kanoe is an ISO 9001-2015 certified organization and their processes are nurtured in the safe hands of highly trained SIX-SIGMA, ITIL V3, Scrum Master (CSM) Professionals. They follow CMM Level 3 in their practice and it is their endeavor to create a working environment where motivated employees communicate freely and innovations are encouraged. With Kanoe Softwares, the companies can optimize productivity and gain a competitive edge needed to succeed in today’s business environment. They seek to create value for their Customers.
A Leader with Excellence
Debjyoti Ray (Chairman & Managing Director) founded Kanoe Softwares in the year 1999. As a first generation Entrepreneur dealing with IoT and ICT, he successfully placed his business and its products & solutions over various sectors and verticals. His aim is to simplify day-to-day operations and to save time in all processes by designing tools and platforms optimized for quality, time and cost.
Under his expert guidance, KSL has designed various hardware, sensors and software dashboards to cater the IT & Security Infrastructure needs of small and large corporates organization alike. KSL has also catered to government organizations, Defense system of the country, factories and e-governance platform for urban and rural setups. He aims to make the system and processes controlled which will eventually make the system profitable to sustain and improve.
Debjyoti has an in-depth engineering knowledge of developing a techno-commercial product & solution. He has hands-on experience running a small to mid-size organization and has worked closely with his management team in planning, budgeting, product development, execution, escalation of entire business ecosystem and in decision making activities in the processes like sales & marketing, business development, risk management, & quality compliance for any business to sustain and stand out in the crowd.

KSL’s Innovative Solutions and Services
KSL’s solutions and services can be aggregated into two distinct yet interrelated categories; Turnkey Project Management, which covers the entire project lifecycle from design and scoping to onsite testing and implementation, and Professional Services, which include strategic and operational technology consultant support, facilities management, as well as network and data center management.

To provide strategic planning for a robust and cost-effective IT infrastructure, Kanoe Softwares Limited offers a bundle of IT solutions and services based on IoT that can help design a cost-effective combination of hardware and software solutions, systems and process automation, security policies and procedures. These solutions are tailored to effectively meet the requirements of any company or institution.
Kanoe Softwares has developed various solutions and systems, out of which a few are mentioned below:

  • CRMS integrated with Biometric, AI, Cloud computing and mobile apps.
  • HRMS integrated with Biometric and mobile apps.
  • Office Access Control System integrated with Biometric and mobile apps.
  • Parking lot management system integrated with Biometric and mobile apps.
  • Aadhar Biometric Based office attendance system
  • USB Biometric based lock & password system for files, folders, JPEG, MPEG in PC and online applications and accounts like Google, bank, Facebook or any accounts that require a password to access.
  • Biometric-based criminal tracking system, Airmen tracking system for Airforce integrated with Cloud and Oracle Golden Gate.
  • Biometric, GPRS & GPS based Garbage management, Vehicle management and worker tracking system integrated with mobile apps.
  • Biometric-based Panchayat Information Kiosk systems for Villagers integrated with cloud and mobile apps.
  • Biometric and CV based driver ‘fit to drive’ apps integrated with mobile apps and cloud.
  • Biometric-based fishermen tracking system for seashore areas.
  • Biometric-based employee information system integrated with other allied facilities for a large campus.
  • Biometric-based self-vending kiosk for Defense canteen integrated with payment gateway and cash accepting modules.
  • Biometric-based ATM and bank Currency chest-strong room –access control system.
  • Biometric-based prisoner information system integrated with cloud and mobile apps.

Future Advancements
KSL is trying to create a single device to authenticate your identity by scanning your finger and identifying your DNA sequence using your blood cells. Since the DNA sequence of a person, obtained from under their skin is unique, it can be inferred that duplication of identification documents, credit card frauds and identity theft would be virtually impossible.

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