Zicom – Spearheading Electronic Security Industry through Innovative Solutions


The Indian security and surveillance market is witnessing robust growth in the recent years and is expected to accelerate in the near future. New-age security systems have become a norm rather than an exception in today’s environment. As the scope of security and surveillance has widened, the new-age market has evolved from analog to digital systems. The emergence of advanced applications in security products, surveillance has now also evolved as a tool for gathering business intelligence and other applications. Independent researchers suggest that in the last five years, the Indian security equipment industry has witnessed strong growth of over twenty-five percent and is expected to grow at eighteen percent in the forthcoming years.
One such influential name in the field of electronic security market is Zicom Electronic Security System Ltd. Founded in 1994; Zicom is the pioneer in offering and promoting electronic security surveillance in India. The company has been on the forefront in providing latest security equipment backed by cutting-edge technology and innovative services. Rather than selling individual services, Zicom focuses to offer complete solution to their clients. This approach has yielded positive results as they have expanded their reach to four countries and 1023 cities across India. Over the years, Zicom has evolved as a key player in the industry with a vast range of premier products designed with the precision of quality and reliability. Their wide range of services includes – ‘CCTV Surveillance System’, ‘Access Control System’, ‘Fire Alarm System’, ‘Fingerprint Locks’, and ‘Remote Managed Services’.
Insightful Leader at Zicom
With over twenty-two years of business acumen, Pramoud Rao is an exemplary entrepreneur who is leading the organized electronic security movement as the Managing Director of Zicom. A chemistry graduate, Pramoud possesses the qualities of a true business leader and has always inspired people with his vast experience and unmatched leadership skills. In his professional career spanning over two decades, he has always aimed for success despite facing hurdles, trials, and tribulations in his journey.
With his wit and exuberance, he has succeeded to create a dominant stature in the security industry. As a former National President of Fire and Security Association of India, his commitment towards fostering value-based leadership to encourage the members has been commendable. In one of the interviews, Pramoud proudly asserted that “Building an empire from scratch in a segment which was non-existent at the time of inception” was his biggest achievement of his life.
Innovative Products and Services
Zicom has successfully transformed from a physical security entity to a comprehensive IoT and SaaS IT services business model. From innovating host of services like ‘eAttend’, ‘eWatch’, ‘eSenseetc’ Zicom has also pioneered in the vehicle segment by launching ‘Street Smart’ – a holistic passenger safety solution. They are also among the first companies to foray in providing ‘Aadhar’ based solutions to their clients. The transformation from a seller to a ‘customer-centric’ solution provider has assisted Zicom in multiple ways. This paradigm shift in their ideology is the USP of their business as this culture gets reflected in their products, services, customer engagements, and the solutions they implement.
The Next Big Change
The BFSI sector is witnessing an enormous demand for security and surveillance products; however the suppliers are unable to deliver the high level of innovative solutions required by the sector. Zicom has partnered with key players in this segment to develop the right set of services and solutions. This strategy provides value for money to the clients as well as delivers a high rate of ROI in terms of productivity. Zicom emphasizes to build the right ecosystem of partners, customers and technology to deliver quality services in the industry.
Analyzing the Current Trends
With the advent of technology, usage of biometric solutions has changed over the last few years. The various forms of biometrics that’s slated to be trending are fingerprint, facial recognition, iris recognition and voice recognition to name a few. The process of Aadhar-based biometric authentication has opened up new opportunities for the industry. To minimize unauthenticated access, sectors like BFSI, consumer electronics, home security, banks, attendance management for private and public offices are embracing biometric solutions. The Government is also playing a very dominant role by implementing the iris biometric solution in the public distribution schemes. This helps to reduce the misuse or loss of subsidy given by government to a great extent.
Shaping the Future
The electronic security industry is at a state of proliferation and this is an interesting period for innovation and adoption. Witnessing this upsurge in the market, Zicom is quite optimistic about the future. The company has designed aggressive plans of exploring untouched territories by expanding its range of products and services. New growth areas will be the key focus of Zicom in the upcoming years. They have identified the industry verticals with whom they intend to tie up to extend their dominance in the electronic security market. Zicom is already in the process of nurturing partner ecosystems to replicate the processes in the market and amplify the same to a wider base of audience. Zicom is committed to be the driving force in the transformation of the industry.
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