Kaya Blenders and Distillers Limited: The Movers and Shakers of Liquor Industry

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Ms. Roop Handa | VICE-PRESIDENT (EXPORTS & DISTRIBUTION) | Kaya Blenders & Distillers

According to a report published at Goldstein Research, India has the third largest alcohol industry in the world. The market is expected to reach a valuation of approximately 40 billion dollars by the end of 2024. Even though the Indian liquor industry seems a great place to invest in, the sector has an intense competition.

Almost every day, new companies are being launched that claim to provide the finest taste with their beverages. Most of these new brands quickly dissolve or become non-existent. They are not able to meet the demands of diverse Indian consumers and are unable to develop their liquors and distilleries according to their needs.

However, we at Insights Success, have found a company that not only provides a distinct range of beverages but has also exceeded its clients’ expectations. Within four years, the company has emerged as a prominent name among the existing liquors and distilleries distributors in the country. It is an honor for us to introduce you to Kaya Blenders and Distillers Limited, a rapidly flourishing alcohol beverage developing firm that provides the preferred taste and packaging to its customers.

Popularly known as Kaya Spirits, the company was incorporated on 7th of June, 2016  as a limited from a proprietary firm. The liquor institution has its manufacturing unit situated in Ludhiana, Punjab with a capacity of 300000 cases per month. This unit is equipped with facilities for Blending, Bottling and Maturing Spirits and houses more than 200 employees.

The company’s unparalleled taste and composition of liquor, have been winning the hearts and trusts of the connoisseurs. This hidden gem of the Indian liquor market now boasts a potential stocking and distribution network with a presence in India and abroad.

Distinct Liquors and Spirits

Using its finest malts and alcohol, Kaya Spirits produces unique blends of premium quality and authentic liquors. Its extensive range of brands pleases the palate and senses of liquor and spirit lovers.

The company is incharge of a portfolio of leading spirits and liquors comprising: Old Professor Premium Whisky, Royal Patiala, Minister’s Reserve Premium Aged Whisky, and one of the finest quality rum, Jackies Crown Rum. Its Old Professor Whisky has risen as a preferred drink in India and overseas.

The Intuitive Minds

The Founder and Director of Kaya Spirits, Mr. Karun Kaura is a legendary business prodigy, known for his genius business strategies, planning, and foresightedness. Under Mr. Kaura’s exemplary leadership, Kaya Spirits has emerged as the preferred choice of liquor and geared to storm into the international spirit market.

Following his footsteps, Ms. Roop Handa, Vice-President (Exports & Distribution) of Kaya Spirits has become an asset to the company possessing comprehensive industry expertise. Ms. Handa assists in maximizing the company’s operating performance. Her contribution supports the company in achieving its financial goals, identifying ways to increase revenue, analyzing financial reports, and preparing operating budgets. She leads, guides, directs, and evaluates the work of employees and maintains a healthy work environment. Ms. Handa has worked in a thought-provoking and stimulating environment which has provided her with the opportunity to acquire knowledge, enrich her skills and enhance the work experience of the company.

Along with these ingenious leaders of the company, its team’s unswerving efforts for distilling, developing, labeling and selling the product enable Kaya Spirits to reach its epitome. 

Insights on the Liquor Industry

Since the inception of globalization and emerging advancements in the export industry, the liquor sector has seen massive shifts in the way of conducting businesses. When asked about how to cope with challenges and develop strategies accordingly, Ms. Handa asserted, “The biggest challenge would be ‘Investments’ then following the ‘Norms’ and ‘Consumer Behaviour’ are some challenges that you have to deal with. But if you look from a pessimist point of view, then challenges are the part of life in any industry you touch. Coping up with the challenges and bringing out the best is what makes you stand out.”

The Roadmap Ahead

After immense success, Kaya Spirits desires to cash new opportunities for expansion. It aims to become an indisputable and reputed company in the liquor industry across India.

The company is planning to wire in more countries such as: Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. Kaya Spirits aspires to provide its potential consumers with their respective taste preferences. Whether they wish their liquor according to their culture and taste or combinational flavors, Kaya spirits will customize its  finest beverages in any way they yearn.

To get a taste of Kaya Spirits finest offerings, visit: http://kayaspirits.com/index.php

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