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India is a country of rich cultural heritage, which is reflected in its vivid art forms, architectural styles, and so on. It is a sanctuary for art enthusiasts, who want to explore different forms, styles, and genres of art. The leading art galleries of India provide various opportunities to art lovers, or people who have appreciated art over time and are now starting a collection, or collectors who started off collecting young artists and now want to expand to masters of art.

One such renowned art gallery is Trinity, which was formerly known as Gallerie Angel Arts. It is an online art and creative consultancy service company based in Mumbai, India, which showcases modern, Indian, and contemporary art. The firm has progressively evolved as a company meeting the needs of a growing art market by introducing public and corporate beautification projects, art experiences, creative solutions, and art to collectors since 2008.

Standing Ahead of the Crowd

Being an art gallery, Trinity specializes in selling Modern, Indian, and Contemporary art. It also works on planning and designing public projects. The gallery has created the BKC fountain sculpture and also performed landscaping of the area at the Kalanagar junction.

As a gallery, it is always looking to expand its vision beyond just what art is. The gallery believes that art is not just a painting on the wall or a sculpture in a house or office space, but it is also related to the outside, the beautification of the surroundings, and environment. Trinity also conducts events connected to art, where it connects art with accessible mediums such as music, fashion, jewellery, and more.

Astute Leadership 

The dynamic duo of Reshma Jani and Shweta Soni is responsible for the success of Trinity. They are driven by an innate passion for art. Reshma worked in the fashion industry for a year before making a natural switch to the world of art, which led her to organizing small art evenings in her home, introducing the concept of collecting art as an investment in a private setting.

While Shweta, a hotel management graduate changed track to art, by attending a short course at Christies, London, before establishing her art gallery Gallerie Angel Arts in 2008.

The source of their inspiration is the fact that they want to create a platform for the young art lovers of every walk of life. Reshma and Shweta state, “we want to create a platform where we can interact with them through the different mediums of art and culture. And we try to accomplish this through our gallery and art endeavors”.

Tackling Hurdles with a Game Face 

Trinity always wanted to create a different perspective for art. It did not want art to be the way people used to view it in the past; as something you need to go to a gallery to see, to be a part of festivals or go to art fairs.

It has always focused on changing the preconceived notions about art. The gallery’s prime objective has been to take art out of those ‘boxes’ or ‘labels’ and make it accessible to the common youth.

The beauty of what the gallery does and how it sells the art is that it provides a lasting experience. So even though one does not understand the art, they are in an environment that does not force them to understand it, but simply enjoy it. Team Trinity believes that this is what art is; an experience you enjoy.

Nurturing Teamwork 

Trinity believes that having a good team makes a huge difference because they steer the company’s vision along a certain path. It is essential to have people who can execute the vision to its fruition, because otherwise, it will just remain a vision. The team states, “There is no point in having a vision if you do not have the right people to make it happen”. 

Challenges and Opportunities 

As far as opportunities go, the company believes that art events bring in new customers. “The more people know of you, the more people will visit you. Whether it is online or people call you, only when you put your business out there for people to consume will people come to you. If the works you are selling are well priced or affordable, and it is easy on the pocket, then they will buy it”, states team Trinity.

The challenges the company faces go hand-in-hand with the opportunities; if it goes beyond a certain price range, the customers will skip them as there is a lot of choice now. Consumers are now spoilt for choice, if someone wants to spend their hard-earned money, they can choose from numerous art galleries, and after weighing their options, they will most likely make the cheapest choice for them. Another challenge is that they have to constantly look at evolving their artist base- which artists they want to have representing their gallery.

Future Perspective

Trinity has recently ventured into design and planning for public projects. It also plans to create an art gallery space, which will be more of an experiential space. It will not act as a traditional art gallery, but instead, will have a more contemporary space where the audience can experience and look to buy the expression of art, or the art itself.

Addressing its customers, team Trinity states, “Enjoy being in that space where you do not feel a certain sense of expectation of whether you need to be of a certain kind to enjoy art. You can be yourself and still enjoy, whether you understand what you are looking at or not.”

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