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The Indian tourism and hospitality industry has evolved as one of the key drivers of growth among different service sectors in India. The hotel industry in India has substantial potential to grow considering the rich culture, historical heritage and booming businesses. India is a versatile country and has all types of people who prefer to stay in different hotels, and apart from other criteria, budget plays a vital role while selecting any hotel to stay in. To render best of their services within the spectrum, Keys Hotels offers a wide range of staying options starting from budget accommodation stays to premium business class hotels.
Being an eminent leader in tourism and hospitality industry, Keys Hotels is a distinctive part of the renowned Berggruen Group. It entered the hospitality industry in 2006 and today they have twenty one well established hotels across seventeen locations pan India.
Pioneering the Hotel Industry
Keys Hotels is creating its prominent benchmarks in the Indian hotel industry by adopting and rendering utmost level of satisfaction to its guests with their top class services and warm hospitality. Their access to increasingly popular methods and practices from across the world and their ability to keep abreast of the changing international trends is helping them to be on top of the game. Keys Hotels basically have three distinct brands that aim to serve different kinds of audiences based on their need of luxury, stay preferences and budget flexibility.
Keys Prima Hotels: It is a premium hotel brand aimed to provide its guests the ultimate luxurious experience of hospitality. They believe in delivering impeccable services by constantly innovating to serve better and faster. At Keys Prima Hotels they strive to deliver flawless service across many amenities, and enable their guests to relax and indulge in their breathtaking spas, salons, swimming pools and savor spectacular gastronomy at their fine dining restaurants.
Keys Hotels: It belongs to standard range hotel category, which is dedicated to serve its guests and make them enjoy the convenience of combining business with pleasure. A warm welcome, efficient service, impeccable hygiene, delectable food and a warm stay, are the key factors which is driving Keys Hotels to reach beyond the horizon.
Keys Lite Hotels: This segment of Keys Lite Hotels is the perfect amalgamation of smart and budget accommodation. Here the accommodation facilities are solely designed for the travelers, and is dedicated to make them avail the best of multiple amenities, like; hygienic rooms, a wide selection of mouth-watering food and beverages, safety and security while they stay at any of these hotels.
Vikas Chadha: The Game Changer
Vikas Chadha, is the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Keys Hotels. Vikas is the torch bearer of Keys Hotels. Professionally Vikas is a qualified Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Cost Accountant from ICWAI. He has nearly two decades of experience in finance, business planning and strategy. He is a person of versatile nature, and as a CFO, he is always ready to take up challenges like expansion, funding, business growth and profitability enhancements. .
Vikas has always been instrumental in setting up processes, guiding start up’s, raising funds in India and internationally and working on turnarounds and profitability enhancement strategies. Vikas has been an integral part of the leadership team at Berggruen Hotels, and has been with them right from the group’s inception, have seen many ups and downs and have helped the Keys Hotels to reach the position where they are now.
“The industry needs fresh interest from institutions and fund houses and hence will need to get competitive in terms of returns as the same investments has multiple avenues for deployment. High degree of focus on Data analytics, E commerce, Branding synergies, Tie up’s & alliances both marketing and operational is the need of the hour, which hoteliers would embrace as we move along these cyclical markets.”– asserts Vikas.
Awards and Accolades Bagged by Vikas
Vikas has been awarded as the “Best CFO of the Year in Services and Hospitality sector” at the Asia CFO Excellence awards held at Singapore on 6th August 2016. Earlier this year, Vikas has also been awarded as one of “The Most influential CFO’s of India” by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK.
Taking the Road Less Travelled
Considering domestic travel as the real game changer, Keys Hotels is focusing on some vital attributes to render unprecedented services to their guests:
High disposable income: With the buoyant growth in the Indian economy, the Indian middle class has got higher disposable income. This has been identified, by about 94% of the respondents as a key factor for the increased domestic travel across the country.
Advent of new locations: There are fewer cities where you can have five-star hotels but much larger number of cities have a greater potential for budget category hotels in India. Affordability and quality of experience are key factors in defining this shift away from five star to more budget category hotels.
Future Perspectives
As an eminent hospitality provider, Keys Hotels is focused on building their brand and take up new hotels on Management and Franchisee route. Looking forward to a bright future they are on the way to open new properties in Haridwar, Port Blair, Gurgaon and Indore in the first quarter of this financial year. With a huge pool of in-house nurtured talent, they are on the way to explore the best opportunities for taking up higher responsibilities and growing vertically within the organization.

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