Park Hyatt: Decoding the Evolving World of Hospitality

In an interview with Insights Success, Ms. Aashima Sharma, General Manager – Park Hyatt Chennai sheds some light on their colossal contributions to leverage customer satisfaction, thus creating milestones while marching forward on the path of success.
Caring for the Community
Thomas Pritzker, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors once famously said, “For Hyatt it is people, people, people.” That singular mantra sharpens our outlook as we welcome guests who are evolving with the world. From technology to the changing definitions of authenticity, we believe that the year ahead brings in a new set of market ideologies to embrace, but with every change comes its own constant and that is to really listen to what the guests want. From the newest trend to the oldest tradition, that one core anchor point is the key to being authentic and staying ahead of the curve. Keeping that in mind, we share with you some of our top picks for trends for the year ahead for the hospitality industry.
Spreading love with Italian Cuisine
It’s about crafting memories. Last month our legendary Flying Elephant opened The Italian. A trattoria filled with memories of vintage Italia, transporting diners to its homeland. Brimming with an engaging ambience, service that was homely and hand painted cultural murals, all of which wove-in an inspired experience. Here, culinary experiences are infused with art, culture, music and performance. The Italians feel like walking into another country in the heart of Chennai. Food by our cuisine native chef simply enhances the experience further. F&B trends across the market see this shift towards curating experiences that go beyond the food and the flavours. Diners want an experience that is more than a delicious thin crust pizza. Memory fuels their preference.
Bringing Soul to the Food Artistically
Artisanal takes over the filter coffee. As the diners get more conscientious and look towards organic, sustainable offerings, there also appears to be a heightened demand for artisanal products. It has gone beyond artisanal beers and bread to take into its fold everything from coffee to jam to bread, sorbets and more. It is a step back to handmade flavours and using traditional methods with thought and respect for the ingredients and recipes. At Park Hyatt, our chefs savour these methods, and constantly endeavour to increase their offerings to diners.
Master Chefs – The Artisans of Food & Beverages Industry
Chefs and cooking enthusiasts unite. Passionate Chefs and home chefs will create a new order of culinary explorers going forward. The nexus has been forming for a while and we see it getting stronger. New, unexpected and delightful flavours come to the fore and technology enables a matrix that gives wing to this movement. From ancient recipes to exploring lost worlds of culinary flavours or blending the next gastronomic favourite, the foodscape is more vibrant than ever before. Hotels embracing this happy union stand to gain. We have seen The Masters of Food & Wine grow from strength to strength to create its own niche following. It is more than a captivating gourmet journey, it is a potent backdrop for gourmands and master chefs to engage and connect.
Viva la Brunch
Brunch more. While brunch has been part of the culture for a very long time, today the all-day-breakfast is slowly but steadily moving out of in-room dining to inhabit a growing portion of the restaurant menu. Its growing cult status is driven by the increased menu that includes quesadillas to roast chicken, satays and more. It is no longer a simple affair. Today, it is the culinary serenade of comfort foods, forming the perfect breakfast fit for lunch, dinner and in-between.
Making Events not only Breathtaking, but also Memorable
The versatile meeting. With conversation and conferences changing with technology, meeting spaces are no longer merely boxed in affairs. It packs in more to meet the demands of team networking; providing live-streaming experiences to ensure your meeting space is dynamic that will lead your preference for corporates.
Bespoke world. From weddings that leave guests in awe to leadership meets that transform morale, the growing chant for unique events will continue to sweep the industry. Service, decor, ambience, technology all play key parts in orchestrating the bespoke event.
Being the Reason to make their Guests Smile
Ancient traditions revitalized. Every culture has its rituals and ancient wellness traditions. Just as Ayurveda is seeing a retail renaissance, spas and wellness centres too are going back with a renewed vigour to the wisdom of the ages. However, Park Hyatt Chennai’s modern day compulsions will make spa managers look deeper into finding the balance between crafting treatments with affordability that fits in flawlessly into the daily schedules of the millennials.
The DNA of Beauty. In the quest for eternal glow and anti-ageing packages, the guest is more than ever aware and educated about the products that feature in their treatments. The quality, ingredients, history and relevance matter to them. Moving forward, this enlightened demographic will seek out and visit spas that actively engage, inform and lead the charge on offering guests beauty solutions that are nurturing and enriched from conscious brands. The changing world ushers in guests looking for a far more nuanced experience with warmer more inclusive welcomes. The trends above might create a more updated experience but they can’t be a supplement to an authentic experience of genuine hospitality. As we say in Park Hyatt everyone’s luxury is personal, it can be a late checkout, a post workout health drink, a special vintage wine on offer or the perfectly brewed masala chai. That is a timeless lesson.

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