KisanRaja: Delivering the IoT Hi-Tech Solutions in the Arena of Agriculture


KisanRaja is a growing Agri-Tech Company, delivering innovative solutions based on Smart Farming and Automation Solutions. It helps us in energy and water conservation also provides environmental benefits in farming through their innovative solutions.
KisanRaja is India’s first and the only Company that offers Climate Smart Agri Solutions, by IoT technologies under the one roof. They are working to mitigate issues like erratic power supply, reducing water table, unpredictable weather through their intelligent solutions. They are also helping farming community to reduce costs by automating irrigation, drip, fertilization and enabling the clients to access all digitalization through their mobile phones.
The Protagonist of KisanRaja
Vijay Bhaskar Reddy Dinnepu is the CEO of KisanRaja. He is transforming the Internet of Things (IoT) for Agriculture industry through KisanRaja brand. He completed his Master’s Degree from IIT in Computers Science and Engineering. Further, he entered into this career through top MNCs like Intel and Cisco. Vijay has a passion to contribute his bit to India, especially for Agriculture and Education with his technical experience. He is a true leader with clear vision and a risk taking attitude.
Vijay belongs to a remote agricultural family and has closely observed the challenges involved in framing. He envisions the benefits of taking global technology solutions to the farmers. His dream is to get the best use of his technical experience to bring in a change in the lives of farmers.
Unique Services Provided by KisanRaja
All advanced products and solutions of KisanRaja helps to monitor and control pumps, sensors in the farms, sensors below the ground by forming an IoT network. This network helps Agri-ecosystem to take well-informed and intelligent decisions to conserve energy, water, and environment and to show a direct impact by reducing their operational as well as the labor costs.
“Our competitive advantage is our strength”, says Vijay
Vijay says, “We were amongst the first few to enter into the agri-tech industry when mobile adoption in rural areas was not as deep as it is today. But during last 6 years of our existence, it has seen increased adoption of technology in the Agri-sector.”

  • Product Leadership

The team of KisanRaja has a strong product background with a wide variety of industrial experience, which helps them to build, deploy, and scale their operations much faster. The vision of the organization is to digitize Agri industry through advanced support of mobile motor controller. Their IoT solutions provide an end-to-end cloud-based solution, which is a true IoT for Agriculture.

  • Channel Leadership

The organization is already reaching multiple states and looking at expanding in the overseas market. They have built a network of partners through whom KisanRaja is distributing their groundbreaking products and solutions. The company believes their solutions are unique and they provide competitive benefit for several years towards their clients. In addition to developing a distribution channel, KisanRaja is in talks with TELCO and with Government towards developing more innovative means to reach out to Farmers.

  • Organizational Process and People

KisanRaja is emphasizing on feeding the knowledge and understanding from channel partner network back into Product development; thereby continuously improving upon their offerings, driven by business objectives and vision. Their experts are striving to bring world-class technology and process excellence.

  • Excellent Customer Support

They have focused strongly on supporting and retaining their treasured customers, and have slowly conquered new territories, by hiring local talent and tie-up with local partners to influence the larger audience.
An Inspiring Journey
In India, farmers are not aware of the facility of internet so it was a big challenge for the organization to introduce the IoT solution in front of the farmers. KisanRaja has designed their products to enable minimal human interaction so that it’s easy for end users to operate. Collection issues from farmers are one of the other main challenges for the organization. KisanRaja is introducing a model such as pre-paid approach, tying up with other local business operators to overcome this challenge.
Vijay added, “Agriculture outputs are seasonal based and with service & solution based models that we are coming with seasonal output for farmers will impact our business model as well. On the other hand, IP protection is very critical to any business. Though, Agri-tech is the fastest evolving model, protecting IP and parallel investing in new IP creation is one of the key challenges.” Considering all challenges KisanRaja is still handling all circumstances with innovation and novelty.
The Way Ahead
Vijay expresses, “Providing smart-agro solutions across various phases, such as soil nutrient, irrigation and fertilization automation, water quality monitoring and automating the complete irrigation schedule by capturing important data helps to make intelligent decisions to improve productivity, yield, and profitability through our affordable solutions.”
Source :-The 10 Most Valuable Agro Solution Provider Companies

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