Vivam Agrotech: Anticipating a Cleaner Tomorrow with the Art of Waste Management

Vivam Agrotech

In recent times, the society has been more concerned about the environment and is much more aware about its activities and the impact resulting from these activities on the environment. The issue of Solid Waste Management (SWM) is a challenge throughout the world, in both developed and developing countries. The world’s urban population reached 2.9billion in 2000 and is expected to rise to 4.2billion by 2020, which will lead to a faster generation of solid waste. The managing of this huge volume of waste effectively is a challenging problem. These wastes needs to be properly managed which means proper storage, collection, transportation, treatment and disposal in a way that minimizes risk to the environment and human health.
For the purpose of city waste management and sustainable development, Vivam Agrotech is a proprietary firm in the field of solid waste processing developing several innovative technologies aid Solid Waste Management. VIVAM is into the business of converting waste to energy, by leveraging processes of Composting, Vermicomposting, Mechanical Compost and Biogas and in Municipal Solid Waste Management for last ten years. The company specializes in Municipal solid waste treatment plants for power generation and has deployed Biogas plants from 4 Kg to 40 tons waste per day. It is also an authorized technology holder of Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai for Biogas Generation Plants. VIVAM is now expanding the technologies in abroad as well, including Kenya and South Africa.
The Fate of the Waste
The overall rural set-up was more use of pesticides and chemicals and a total apathy to the Mother Earth. Vivam changed the traditional method of making ‘khad’, modified the whole process and made it user-friendly. The company now deploys solutions for waste management in both the fields – Biogas and Compost. Vivam is capable of manufacturing and providing all capacity waste-management plants ranging from 500gms to 500tons of wastes per day.
VIVAM has developed a scientific method, “Swarup Vermicomposting System”, for manufacturing vermicompost. It is a very simple and scientific instrument for manufacturing vermicompost from any organic waste such as farm waste, Municipal organic Solid Waste etc.
VIVAM has also developed automatic machines for composting which requires very small place and are most suitable for metropolitan cities for waste processing up to 1000 kg per day. The Biogas Plants are the first portable and ready-to-use plants in the world; molded in tough piece by state-of-the-art process manufactured from LLDP non-toxic material, free from any adulteration, chemically resistant, blended with stabilizers, anti-corrosive and anti-acidic, absolutely smooth and sanitary, chemical resistant, blended with stabilizers, designed especially for semi-urban and rural areas to produce Gas from organic wastes.
The Visionary Eco-Feminist
In the wake of economic liberalization and globalization, businesswomen in India are proving themselves in every niche of entrepreneurship. Here we talk about the woman, who works endlessly to implement policies and enact change to preserve and protect our environment – Nirmala Kandalgaonkar. Mrs. Nirmala is the Proprietress/Chairperson of Vivam Agrotech founded in 2001. Under her leadership, the company has now become a full-fledged solid waste management company renamed as VIVAM Solid Waste Management Pvt. Ltd., and provides consultancy along with technology solutions such as vermicompost, biogas and mechanical & bacterial composting, and power generation from biodegradable waste.
It was difficult for the housewife-turned-entrepreneur to change the existing ideas and come up with new ones. Initially she conceptualized a simple combination for the business, which needed less capital and less technology, no education and age limit, less cost raw-material and the nearby market. Today, Mrs.Nirmala has extended her realm and the business is expanding with projects being initiated in six states of India. With a capital investment of Rs. 50,000/- Vivam has today reached the turnover of 5 crores with her able guidance.
Mrs.Nirmala is actively associated with various industrial and academic associations. Being an active social worker since young age, it’s been her policy to give jobs to social help groups (SHGs), whenever possible and well suited, in Vivam Agrotech’s scope of work.
Mrs. Nirmala’s work has been appreciated by many social institutes as well as corporates by giving her various awards. Most prestigious among them are ‘TATA TiE STREE SHAKTI Award as National Woman Entrepreneur 2009’, ‘Punya Ratna’ 2013, ‘Avani Mitra’ 2010, by Talvalkar Trust, Pune, ‘Chankya Award 2014’ PRCI, Mumbai, ‘Emerging Excellence 2014’ Maxell Foundation, Mumbai, and ‘Women Super Achiever Award 2015’ by World Women Leadership Congress.
Celebrated Capabilities & Accomplishments
Vivam’s core competency is in the area of products & processes for environment mitigation measures from MSW, bio-solid wastes, animal poultry & slaughtering activities and contaminated water bodies.  The company comes-up with new innovative processes for handling, treatment and processing of MSW through composting, fuel pellets, biomethanation and bio thermal route. It also prepares DPRs on integrated SWM, Tendering process and PMC and executes the detoxification processes of contaminated soils, bioremediation of old MSW dumpsites. Another strong-point is its alliances for user ship of MSW derived products.
Vivam has also worked with All India Institute of Local Self Government for preparation of project report of city waste management system. The company individually prepared detailed project reports for more than 120 MUNICIPAL COUNCILS and for 3 Municipal Corporations in Maharashtra as per MSW RULES 2000.
Vivam’s approach is focused on project execution and its O&M on sustainable basis, hence pose no extra financial burden on ULBs. Most important thrust area is manpower resourcing, training and development that ensures successful O&M of projects.
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