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KiwiQA Services

Software testing is witnessing a paradigm shift with testing processes scaling to a higher degree of maturity while considering flexibility to accommodate various business models. The most critical being the presenting demand speed-to-market and enhance user experience with the advent of wearable devices. In this event, testing is gained traction significantly, as cloud environment can be set up quickly on a need basis, thus enabling faster and more reliable test services by evading test environment bottleneck.
Being a synonymous of Quality, KiwiQA, is leading offshore software testing services in India and office at sydney- Australia as well.With its requisite expertise in the field of testing, they ensure a complete satisfaction of their esteemed clients. They first understand the requirements of their clients and then proceed towards actual testing phase. Because of KiwiQA’s impeccable services, they have already won many hearts in the industry and they are trying their best to give their clients no chance  to complaint.
They have their proficiency in,

  • Automation Testing
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Mobility Testing and Handset Certification
  • White Box Testing

Expert Leaders of KiwiQA
KiwiQA is driven by two dexterous personalities- Niranjan Limbachiya, CEO & Founder and Nirav Raval partner.
Niranjan Limbachiya, CEO & Founder of KiwiQA is the chief quality officer of the team working out of Sydney and is responsible for the innovation, defining services lines, business development and overall customer delivery. He is a charismatic and energetic QA leader with a proven record of 10+ years of experience.
Nirav Raval is a Partner at KiwiQA. He has 12+ years of professional and entrepreneurial experience in building operations, raising finance, building joint venture alliances, building operations team and commercial acumen towards driving business. He is responsible for driving growth related initiatives at KiwiQA.
Taking Challenges as Opportunities
The biggest challenge faced by KiwiQA is to often educate their potential customers on importance of Quality Assurance and why is it a continuous process and not a onetime initiative. The traditional model of involving QA after the software has been developed from enterprise to small size systems. They continue to emphasize and educate the customers on involving QA from the time of requirement to ensure very basics that system is working as per the original requirement.
The biggest opportunities that the company sees for them are to overcome the challenges faced by their customers. Their customers are constantly facing challenges to keep up with the changes in technology and continuous change in business requirements in the enterprise systems. KiwiQA has a process and a team which is trained to work with no and little documentation; and ensure that the requirement of customer is understood and a proper test strategy and execution is done and is in place to meet their changing needs.
Positive Approach to Satisfy Clients Needs
KiwiQA Services is an independent software testing company which provides complete solutions for all software Quality Assurance needs. They have robust delivery models and flexible engagement models which help to serve customers of different sizes from Fortune 500 companies to startups. The company has teams in different time zones allowing their clients to get an uninterrupted service almost 20 hours a day to their customers.
KiwiQA has a dedicated research team which works on new technologies and keeps experimenting with new QA trends to be ahead of curve. They spend a lot of time in understanding the client needs. They give blueprint solution before they start the engagement giving them confidence on what can they expect from overall engagement.
Since last 5 years, the company has serviced more than 75 customers with many exciting success stories. They have their on-site QA resources, which provides complete QA strategy from doing an MVP to a full grown enterprise system having millions of hits every day.
“Out of many success stories; the one that excited us is being part of a startup growth, which started with a team of less than 10 and growing up to a leading technology company with strength of more than 300 over a period of 3 years” – Niranjan asserts.
Future Developments
As a leader in testing, the company is currently working on several interesting projects ranging from hot startups of Silicon Valley to big enterprises with matured systems. These systems range using technologies and domains of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, b2c platforms, ERP applications, enterprise government solutions and much more.
KiwiQA believe that they have one of the best teams and working cultures in the industry allowing their teams to be cross trained and more importantly self-motivated to work on any challenges faced by their customers. They are continuously training their team on different technologies and knowledge sharing domains, which will keep them ahead of curve and ready to meet industry challenges.
In future, KiwiQA aims to be 75+ strong QA team in next 2 years having a sales office in the US and expand in Australia. They are soon creating a dedicated QA R&D lab that facility their team to experiment new technologies and be future ready for the challenges faced.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired QA & Software Testing Solution Providers

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