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Software testing has a great potential to make business easier. However, if the security issues are not considered and addressed, the devices could lead to a lot more trouble than they are worth. By knowing such concerns, Skytesters, the Testing Technology Services arm of Venture7 Technology Private Limited, supports their clients from product ideation till support and maintenance. Their DevOps integrated test automation and comprehended test frameworks are remarkably developed to cover products lifecycle.
Venture7 was initiated in 2015, with Crowd Testing Platform for Mobile Apps (the present Skytesters) and has gained recognition as an independent Testing-as-a-Service Platform. Their core team has now started working to fulfill the increasing demand of the clients, which leverage Product Engineering and Automated Testing Services. They are expending architect level test automation that delivers achievable goals to the clients and delivers quality products to their clients.
The company always keeps their eye on the latest market trends and deploys a comprehensive suite of services that includes Test Management, Test Process Improvement, Performance Testing, Security Testing, and QA Strategy Consultation.
The Bright Spark of Venture 7
CEO & Founder of Venture7 Technologies, Narender Kumar, puts his heart and soul in developing the company’s strategy to accomplish its mission and vision. His leadership skills reflect through the strong global teams built by him, which delivers great products. A pioneer in establishing tools, processes & culture, Narender enables teams across multiple time zones working together effectively on larger software products. He is focused and always ready to go on extra mile to build a highly successful and impactful business in all forms. His priority in work always delivers quality products to his customers.
Rectifying Challenges Smartly
Skytesters recognized the need of change to keep their all the teams at a single location. Their leadership team has solved this challenge for multiple teams but still it takes time until a new customer appreciates the QA culture and matured processes they offer.
The company provides walkthrough of these processes and offers multiple delivery models so that their clients can gain the benefits without impacting their product roadmap. Teams at Skytesters, devotes their hard work to deliver better quality products to the market, their automation driven solution further enables their local teams to be more effective. With such swings in development methodologies, innovation in QA is inevitable. Hence, Skytesters sees a strong place for players like them who can assist product companies of different sizes deliver reliably.
Delivering Best Suite of Solutions to the Clients
At Skytesters, they deliver quality products to clients by empowering comprehensive of QA services with hard to match SLAs and DevOps integrated automation. They closely work with their clients throughout their product development journey and help them from ideation phase till product maintenance.
Every QA person with them is trained on modern testing tools and is updated with latest technologies. This elevates level of participation throughout the process of product development. Most importantly, Skytesters focuses on business domain and invests heavily in ensuring that the assigned team understands the client’s business requirements adequately. Each of the engineers assigned to a client’s product engineering team works in tandem with not only their technology team, but also interact with other support functions like sales, account management so that the team is onboard with business aspects of every new development and appreciate the end-user requirements. “It’s like a little tribe of our customers within Skytesters working to realize product vision”.
Skytesters automates not only testing, but even the reporting process to provide transparent, and predictable information to CTO/CIO. Their insightful and prompt reporting enables business leaders to forecast the quality of release and receive quick feedback from their customers.
Skytesters have their own Healthcare Center of Excellence (HCE), a test lab with latest tools and devices for their clients. It matches Agile Development Process, which the company have implemented DevOps integrated test automation framework covering functional testing, performance testing, API verification, database integrity testing, mobile testing, and infrastructure testing. Besides this, they are also using RPA bots to validate some of the processes.
Client Satisfaction is the First Priority
The company’s design one of the client products with very heavy configuration driven implementation. Before they started working with them, such convoluted configuration used to keep him nervous about every production deployments. At times, the post-production fixes used to run for days after new releases. Now it takes less than 20 minutes to report and fix any such issue.
To achieve this, Venture7 understood their architecture, data design and implemented a three-pronged automated suite to report any configuration issue in three different formats as,

  • Implementation of engineer to directly upload the produced file and fix the configuration,
  • Comparing configurations
  • Visually seeing the difference and rectifying if anything went wrong.

This seemingly simple solution required utilizing different automation tools and developing a multithreaded framework to do it within 15 minutes so that any post production issue could be fixed fast. Their team is always prepared to accept challenges to identify such obstacles and achieve business excellence.
Future Advancements
At Venture7, their well-knitted agile team is always in full swing to innovate and adopt the latest technologies. With the successful launch of AI and IoT practices, the company envisions to become one of the most preferred testing technology partners to meet digital transformation needs of the technology enabled businesses.
“We want to be Apple of Software Product Engineering Services and Amazon Web Service of Testing-as-a-Service platform and this approach will bring quality excellence, scalability and flexibility for our customers,” concludes Narender.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired QA & Software Testing Solution Providers

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