KNK Construction: Proactive and Action Oriented Firm Implementing High Standards of Safety

KNK Construction

Pioneer in fast track construction, delivering a wide variety of sustainable projects in commercial and industrial genre, KNK Construction has established its presence in the industrial and commercial sectors. It drives by the saying, “Trust is earned when the words are turned into actions.” It invests in infrastructure backed by efficient maintenance to execute world-class, highly mechanized construction.
In this cut throat competitive scenario, one has to be technically sound and efficient to be the forefront of the industry. Having a good equipment infrastructure is very important for construction companies. Bangalore-based KNK Construction is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company and a member of the Indian Green Building Council. Since its inception in 1978, the company is committed in making workplaces safe. It provides a comprehensive range of services in construction – addressing the complexities in concrete frame engineering, high-end finishing or onsite fabricated construction.
A Personality that Demands Quality, Safety and Timely Delivery
Ashish Krishnaswamy, Managing Director at KNK Construction, is a civil engineer who always waited to enter into the construction business. He is a MBA holder from IIM Bangalore, having a considerable experience working in multiple sectors including commercial, education, healthcare, hotels, leisure, industrial, infrastructure, mixed-use, residential, retail, sports and education, with each business having its own requirements. He is a member of FKCCI, and INSTRUCT (Institute For Research Development & Training Of Construction Trades and Management).
KNK Construction was started as a niche company in 1978 to meet the needs of clients while delivering top-class construction quality and practices at a time when construction practices were mostly disorganized in India.
Speaking about the impact of Demonetization, RERA and GST, Ashish states that the triple impacts have brought dramatic changes in the construction business environment in India. The implementation of these landmark developments within a short span of time is bound to create short-term problems till the country’s economy gets accustomed to it. However, he feels in the long term, all these are certain to make the industry more transparent which will boost the confidence in India.
Commitment to Innovation and Excellence     
The company invests in infrastructure that is backed by efficient maintenance to execute world class, highly mechanized construction. Ashish articulates, “Where the beauty of a building meets the strong construction foundation, that will sustain the buildings for a lifetime, we stand there.” The firm believes in combining the scale and capability along with the speed and agility in delivering the services. Projects are undertaken with infrastructure owned by the company to ensure dependability. It has successfully morphed into a large corporation offering a wide range of solutions for every conceivable nature of building construction.
Quality being the motto of KNK; safety and delivery are the cornerstones on which they have built their brand. For KNK, safety is first and business is next. The company continues to invest heavily into technology, enabling delivery of projects ahead of time. Focusing on commercial and industrial projects, the company considers the quality of the occupant and the profile of the company building it. It has seamless partnership with the clients and consultants in every project it executes. The company always works towards enhancing the efficiency of the project through value engineering and total solutions. The company is extremely process driven and has been able to percolate the values and professionalism to all levels within the companies and also to its workforce.
Highly Focused, Motivated and Competent Team
KNK has been attracting, holding and molding the finest engineering talent. People are the company’s most valued asset – its core strength. It has an integrated management support for all the departments. The company operates in a spirit of cooperation and value human dignity. It believes integrity is at the heart of an individual and the corporate actions. The professional team of KNK Construction is committed in achieving customer delight and loyalty by ensuring quality, safety and timely delivery of its products and services.
Growth Drivers of KNK
The company is passionately focused on serving the clients and helping them achieve their business objectives. SQDCMC – Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Management, and Communication are the growth drivers of the organization which gives visibility and helps in decision making and seamless execution. It has been proactively conceiving, developing and implementing unique safety programs and mechanisms to achieve high standards of safety. Everyone from the management to workman at site is involved in making the workplaces safe.
“Lead rather than follow is our approach towards Statutory Compliance and Safety”
 Paving Path towards a Bright Future
KNK Construction have one of the fastest and most consistent growth rates in the industry with a CAGR of 30%, a turnover for FY 16-17 stands at Rs.304 Cr. and is aiming positively to achieve Rs.1000 Crores turnover in FY 21-22 with a diversified portfolio with Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Infrastructure projects PAN India. The company’s most valued asset – team, work force and associate partners (vendors) will be the catalysts in achieving this milestone. Expanding to the housing sector, the company also expects to raise the benchmark for quality and delivery.
Source :-The 10 Best Construction Companies in 2018

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