In4Velocity: Uplifting the Real Estate Market with Pioneering Solutions


Every building which stands on this planet is not just a figure made up of brick and mortar. Building infrastructures with utmost expertise and remarkable innovations are apparently accomplishments by itself. Behind the buildings, lies a set of people including a builder, a real estate company, businesses complimenting construction business and numerous other people without whom a building cannot stand straight. In this ever-growing industry of construction, the real estate companies have upgraded their amenities to expand the outreach and the on-going businesses. The real estate organizations are achieving new heights with their management and developing skills. In fact, it is shattering all the barriers of a confined space and is elevating its contribution towards the ecosystem.
One such company with the vision and mission to be the de-facto platform of choice for real estate developers and infrastructure players is In4Velocity Systems Pvt. Ltd, a leading provider of real estate and infrastructure software. The core values of In4Velcoity are integrity, respect, passion, discipline, trust, quality and sincerity of purpose. These values are their beacon for determining the action towards their customers, channel partners, vendors and each other. In4velocity offers its employees freedom at work, matchless leadership and the opportunity to grow at a rapid speed. It provides them challenging, intriguing and motivating assignments, which bring a sense of professional fulfillment as the company believes that at the core of high performing organization lies their employee.
The Journey of an Extraordinary Leader
A charismatic leader having extensive experience of over two decades, Rahul Chawla, CEO at In4Velocity System, is a figure of a visionary. He is currently at the top of the pyramid and communicates the vision of the company to inspire employees and customers. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Economics from Brandeis University, U.S.A. Rahul has also played semi-professional Golf and has represented India in Tournaments at St. Andrews.
A serial entrepreneur and a veteran of many successful startups, Rahul started his career in 1993 in the United States. He was a part of the team that assisted in the inception of Cambridge Technology Partners (NASDAQ: CATP), a global IT Consulting firm. In 2000, Rahul started Orbit-e consulting, funded by Warburg, which was dedicated on business strategy consulting and offshore development, an exceptional offering from the Indian sub-continent for the US market. Then in 2003, Rahul merged Orbit-e into a Bain funded company based in the US and China. In 2004, Rahul started In4, which is India’s foremost Real Estate ERP for property developers and infrastructure players. Ahead in 2015, Rahul established ArrowPS, a top professional services automation software company.
Facilities that Boost the System
The award-winning ERP software of In4Velocity, In4Suite® is used by over 35,000+ users to manage complex construction activities and customer related sales transactions. In4Suite is the central product platform that unites a group of integrated modules that together provides a comprehensive and finished solution for the end users. The entire package can be purchased and its solution can also be bought and run in components or modules which can be added on as a plug-and-play architecture.
Portals shape a way for a company to expand their enterprise to include their stakeholders and digitize their value chain, thereby, providing a much effective service, and at the same time reducing manpower expenses, on organizing communication and information flow.

Dash Boards

The dashboards and business intelligence formulate a crucial part of the analysis that a real estate developer must do to stay in the forefront of the change. The In4Suite® Dashboards are established in collaboration with the world leader QlikView®, where a dedicated relationship between the two companies yields an OEM solution for In4velocity’s customers.

CTI (Computer Telephony Interface)

In4velocity‘s generic TAPI based CTI solution integrates with its CRM module to provide its customers with valuable functionalities.
‘Out-of-the-Box’ Strategies to Surpass Competition
The way of doing business is transforming fast due to change in law and amendments in the standards. The In4ERP system is customizable and flexible with features such as email and SMS marketing, billing and invoicing, residential properties, payment processing and more. Hence it helps the customer in changing the processing system as per their requirement.
Online-Connection with Other ERP System
In4Suite® is capable of connecting to other ERP system online as interaction and collaboration of businesses recently started. So, it is necessary to connect them online through our ERP.
In4Suite® has multi-facilities which makes it capable of working with multi-currencies, multi-lingual and multi-platforms. It supports nine languages like Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese.
 Strengthening Client Base by Providing Benefits
All organizations run with the stereotype processes of BUY side, SELL side and IN side. All the three sides play their respective operations and contribute to the business processes and stakeholders in an organization. At In4Velocity, In4Suite® is built around the premises that connect the BUY side, SELL side and IN side of the organization, on a single platform, through a digital chain that enables a huge amount of efficiency and disrupts the traditional way of doing business.
The real estate PMC’s, infrastructure companies, and construction management can leverage the power of In4Suite® ERP to streamline their operations and optimize their business process.
The real estate marketing companies and project marketing companies can increase their revenue and shorten their cash-flow cycles on collections. The rental & leasing and property management companies can automate billing and collections, maintenance and management of preventive maintenance alerts, thereby, enhancing customer experience.
Accelerating with Time
Expanding globally is a smart next move of In4. It is a game-changer for the way the company will cross borders and move around the world. It will adapt products and processes in particular payment platforms, delivery expectations and supply chain management. It will keep up with the customer expectations in different locations and go a long way toward positioning the company ahead in the stiff competitive international business environment.
Source :-The 10 Best Construction Companies in 2018

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