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K&Z Facilities Pvt. Ltd

Facility Management has rapidly evolved over the years and has established into a demanding discipline. FM can be summarized as a set of various disciplines which integrates people, process, and technology to ensure functionality of the premises. Rapid modernization and urbanization have elevated the urgency for having efficient FM services which is steadily growing into a major industry. Independent researchers suggest that the Indian FM market is estimated to grow around seventeen percent during 2015-2020, making it a mammoth $19.4 billion industry by 2020. Increased awareness among different verticals has fueled the growth of FM sector and as the trajectory continues, FM sector will transform into an integrated and structured industry in the future.
Although there are numerous global and Indian players in the market today, K&Z Facilities Pvt. Ltd has been the pioneer in offering and promoting FM services in an organized format. The management team is a mix of highly competent professionals, who assists in the continuous growth and functioning of the company. K&Z was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Ahmedabad, India.
An ISO 9001:2015 Company, K&Z have been instrumental in enhancing customer satisfaction by implementing improvement measures and effective application of the system. Embracing technology and innovations have assisted K&Z to highlight themselves and be the preferred choice for the clients in Gujarat and in other states of India. Majority of the industry players in FMS sector still implement traditional concepts to provide services to their clients. This has adversely impacted the growth of FM industry in present business scenario. As a seasoned and responsible organization, K&Z is trying to organize this sector and introduce innovations which can assist the industry to flourish and explore untouched territories. K&Z has emerged as a matured entity in providing world-class FM services and has received numerous complements and accolades from prestigious clients like ‘Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission’, Bombay Stock Exchange’, ‘Adani Bhuj Hospital’, ‘Hiranandani Communities’ and many more! While in the initial years, they focused on commercial cleaning and providing basic FM services, and today the entity has developed its capabilities in delivering end-to-end facility services across the country. Some of their key services include:
Mechanized Housekeeping
K&Z offers mechanized housekeeping facilities which ensure clean surroundings. These Government-sanctioned services are delivered by trained professionals with utmost care and expertise.
Landscape and Gardening
Integrating the latest innovations and ideas, K&Z manages to create and maintain large landscapes and gardens around the office premises. Without compromising on quality, they offer supreme services to their clients.
Hospitality and Pantry Service
K&Z provides top class hospitality and pantry services to their clients. They are an expert in catering the needs of customers. The team is well-trained and experienced and has the ability to manage these tasks perfectly and smoothly.
Outsourcing and Third Party Payroll
As a third party payroll solution provider, K&Z offers accurate and scalable solutions along with reducing the overall time taken to provide the services. K&Z is proficient in providing a wide array of services including recruitment, salary, and other related outsourcing activities.
Corporate Maintenance Services
K&Z provides cost-effective, preventative and reactive maintenance solutions to their clients. The robust staff is well-qualified and adheres to the regulations to ensure compliance and workmanship standards.
Glass Cleaning
K&Z offers a pool of well-trained specialist window cleaners to clean and maintain the glass windows of buildings and high-rises. They maintain the security standards and precaution in safeguarding the lives of employees as well as the glass window panels.
Cleaning Chemicals and Equipment
K&Z are the market leaders in producing cleaning chemicals which are highly effective in cleaning premises. By using mechanized cleaning equipment and cleaning capabilities, K&Z provides quality cleaning services to their clients.
The Leading Light of K&Z
Saumil A Shah, Founder and CEO of K&Z Facilities Pvt. Ltd is a perfect example of an exemplary business leader. A Postgraduate from the faculty of Social Work from M. S University, Baroda, Saumil is a visionary who has been influential in taking K&Z to new heights of success. He is confident that education and awareness about cleanliness and hygiene can keep the environment clean. Saumil asserts that technology has a major role to play in the FMS industry as innovations can reduce manual intervention and maximize quality service.
Setting New Benchmarks
Technical innovations and implementing new concepts have assisted K&G to be the prime choice for their clients. The high level of professionalism showcased by the trained staff helps the clients to concentrate on their core business and enhance productivity. Enabling digital platforms for payments and services helps the company to ensure transparency and maintaining cordial relations with the clients. By launching smartphone application, they have transformed the FMS in many ways. The application is effectively assisting the clients to log requests, issues, complains, which are responded and resolved swiftly.
Future Prospective
Global and Indian MNC’s across various sectors are the current drivers of FMS market in India. Increase in investment from emerging sectors like retail, real estate, healthcare, and IT are expected to push this market to a higher growth trajectory. Witnessing this upsurge in the market, K&G are quite optimistic about the future. As a part of their futuristic projects, they are planning to set up an institute to train their employees to cater new markets. This institute will provide technical/non-technical training along with other industry specific courses. K&Z has entered into a joint venture with a European company to introduce ‘robots’ in the FMS market for cleaning purposes in residential and industrial premises.
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