PSIPL: A Homegrown Industry Leader Setting the Pace In Excellence

Integrated Facility Management Services (IFMS) business is fast transforming on the back of changing customer preferences, introduction of game changing technology and the entry of high quality talent into the sector. The resulting professionalization, vastly expanded scope of offerings and increased awareness has brought with it enormous growth opportunities for the sector. Property Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd, (PSIPL) with its differentiated approach to facilities management is strongly poised to take full advantage of this new marketplace, further consolidating its leadership. Established in the year 2000, PSIPL is one of the India’s largest indigenous companies in the Integrated Facility Management Services space. It’s the part of renowned Kalpataru Group.
A Client Centric Company Built on People, Innovation and Excellence
PSIPL offers a broad range of smart, innovative facilities management solutions targeting cost effective, sustainable results for clients. PSIPL’s offerings include technical solutions, soft services solutions, pest management solutions, security management, business support solutions and specialized services delivered across a variety of sectors to meet the requirements of clients belonging to diverse business areas.
PSIPL’s Chief Operating Officer Deepak Shanbhag explains “Our focus is on continuous skill development upping the quality and value of our offering. Our inclination and focus towards spend optimisation helps clients realise their business objectives on cutting spends without compromising on the quality. We strive to create a win-win situation for all our stakeholders. Our continual focus is towards creating value for our clients, stakeholders and our employees. The long term contracts and strong client retention is a testimony to it”
PSIPL continuously improves and upgrades its services through judicious use of technology. PSIL has pioneered several simple solutions to solve some, not-so-simple problems, exceeding customer expectations in the process. Its instant and real-time Feedback Mechanism which enables clients share instant feedback and seek immediate resolutions have resulted in superior and delightful client experiences. The system has also helped improve the agility of PSIPL’s teams at the site level.
The teams are now more proactive in identifying and addressing issues which has helped boost their C-SAT scores at the site. PSIPL’s headway into the energy arena to provide customised solutions on energy savings and conservation have positively contributed to the strategic and sustainability objectives of its clients. PSIPL’s retrofit initiatives to control system leakages, and thus, overspends on energy have been acknowledged and appreciated by clients. The company’s constant drive in looking for technological advancements in the technical utility areas and assessment of their applicability to the existing schemes of things at clients’ premises have also gone a long way in building greater client trust. PSIPL’s Command Center approach supported by its comprehensive Asset Management Program has enabled large scale automation of business processes, enabling clients to centrally monitor the health and performances of their installations at the click of a button.
In a short span of time, PSIPL has grown and ventured into numerous services and segments.
The company today has active presence across most business segments and is present at 350 sites across multiple locations in 20 states. Over 10,000 PSIPL employees are engaged in creating winning experiences for millions of customers reinforcing brand PSIPL’s core values of continual improvement, entrepreneurial spirit, respect for people, team work and strong business ethics.
The company’s strong client retention rate of over 96% Y-O-Y and addition of new clients stand testimony to its quality focused approach built around talent, technology and innovation to address customer needs.
PSIPL’s foray into sustainability and technology initiatives such as AHU Optimisation Retrofits, Energy and Safety Auditing Services, CAFM, Waste Management, Utilities AMC Management among others, are clear differentiators. PSIPL is today a success partner for its clients.
Managing Talent and Perceptions
Facility Management is a people intensive business and concerted efforts are required in managing this important resource. In this context Mr Deepak Shanbhag says, “As an organisation, people are our biggest asset. Team motivation, nurturing and retaining talent, skill development, and progression planning are accorded the highest importance as these have a direct bearing on our resource productivities, and therefore our organisational deliverables”.
Equally, perceptions around the industry have not kept pace with its evolution into a technology led, innovation inspired value added service. To this, Mr. Shanbhag says “Perceptions (externally) is an important area for change; from the current perception of being a manpower provider (commodity) to one which can deliver customized service solutions (value based) to customers. While the industry primarily deals with manpower and staffing, high emphasis is placed on outcome based delivery approach through infusion and use of technology”.
Ownership and Excellence Key for Business Success
For Mr. Deepak Shanbhag, persistence, focussed approach towards continuous improvement, and conviction along with operational excellence are the keys to success. He says “With fast changing times, it is imperative to remain relevant in the business, which is why it is very important that the business model is flexible and adaptive to change. Greater opportunities come to organisations that can respond quickly. Always look for breakthroughs, especially in information technology, as that will allow to get more done faster, and with lesser resource strain. An entrepreneurial attitude provides one with the extra push to cut costs, improve productivity, and go out of the way to keep customers satisfied. Without change, businesses would lose their competitive edge and fail to meet customer needs.  Today’s world is about experiences and has moved from customer satisfaction to customer loyalty to customer success. It is important that our experiences assists our clients’ business growth”.

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