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Transforming an idea into leading a law firm in this modern technology-driven and highly competitive world is not mere cake walk. Performing innovatively and thinking out of the box is the need of the hour. The major trends currently shaping the law enforcement field include: community oriented policing, technology usage, leadership and organizational changes, increased accountability, oversight of police departments, and police response to minor crimes. Law firms have to follow these trends and perform accordingly to succeed and excel among competitors.
One such leading law firm is LAWFORU. It provides many types of legal services that include  name change, divorce cases, family cases, criminal and civil cases, violation of human rights, promissory note case dealings, and property law cases.
The Founder of LAWFORU
Mr.Sai Krishna Azad is the founder of LAWFORU. He established the company to take the law to the people. He is one of the best high court lawyers in Hyderabad (Telangana) and Andhra Pradesh. He has wide and rich, 15 years of experience in Family, Civil and Criminal cases in Hyderabad. He has also dealt with many cases like divorce, property case, name change, family case, criminal & civil cases, violation of human rights, will, promissory note and so on. He has been practicing in Hyderabad High Court since 2003, and has become the number one family lawyer in 2018. “Every Case is a new challenge to me, and I always set out to improve in terms of justice, law and morality” Mr.Sai Krishna Azad says
Mr.Sai Krishna Azad is fantastic in human relations as well as dealing with law procedures. He actively participates in solving the problems of the common man. He provides quick solutions to legal queries of clients and replies back within 24 hours to address a query and offers free and quick consultation, from his website, through quick phone calls or appointments. Many times, in law cases it is advisable to negotiate outside the court premises with a good attorney and having an experienced person to win the case in the court hall. Azad is efficient on both the sides of the coin. He is excellent and well versed in his profession and is called in many TV shows to offer his expert guidance to the viewers.
Facing Challenges Head-On
The company believes in accomplishing all the objectives by facing challenges and successfully overcoming them. Mr.Sai Krishna Azad states that dealing divorce cases has been the biggest challenge in his career. The company initially tried to unite both parties and the case took months to solve. But now with their expertise in divorce cases, they are capable of dealing with it within months.
“A lawyer is your representative in the court of law to seek your justice. Be careful with your representative, as it is justice which is at stake” says Mr.Sai Krishna Azad.
The company believes that being in the profession of law each and every case is a challenging one for them. The next biggest challenge for the company has been dealing with criminal and civil cases. It fights with the government in many cases to help poor and middle class people. For example, in a recent case where a person died in metro underground work, the company contended with the government and helped his family to get an amount of 4 lakhs.
Quality and Affordability: The Hallmarks of LAWFORU
The company aims at providing service of the highest quality at an affordable rate. Having an experience of 15 years, it maintains strong human relations. Its strong client testimonials speak for it. LAWFORU is available 24/7 and maintains an online presence through websites and social media. It efficiently handles the team and ensures to hire professional advocates who provide high comfort levels to the clients.
Major Achievements
LAWFORU has achieved many milestones throughout its successful journey. It is currently working on Musi River Hyderabad pollution case, NRI Family Law & NRI properties, and the Tekkali land issue (70 families are suffering from this case).
The company had an amazing experience with a client in “Gold Biscuits Case”.  The client was a railway coolie, who found a packet full of gold biscuits while going home. He took the packet and gave it to the nearest police station.
Two days later, the police called him, kept him in jail and started beating him stating that the packet contained 30 gold biscuits, but there were only 24. The policemen started threatening and beating him, and eventually, he lost his job as a railway coolie.
The client approached LAWFORU, who solved the case within 2 months helped him regain his job.
Future Plans
The company is presently operating in Hyderabad, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It intends to expand its services throughout India. LAWFORU is interacting with the best and famous advocates in each and every location of India, and is offering them a membership.
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