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Data is the heartbeat of the digitally enterprising entity. In the modern age, every business has no alternative but to go digital. As the digital revolution rests on the two bytes of zero and one, modern-age organizational success depends upon the ever-increasing bytes of data and information. There is an entire process to conduct market research – mostly secondary, data collection, extraction, validation, analysis, interpretation, and decision-making based upon the insights thus gained.

All businesses, regardless of their size or kind – always remain in dire need of this business intelligence. For the most reliable, trustworthy, precise, and authenticate secondary market research, data extraction and validation, and business information services, they can completely rely on lessburn – the frontrunner in offering “Data Hand-Curation Team” to process 150+ data points on B2B information landscape!

According to lessburn’s Founder and CEORamesh Srinivasan, they are a fully-dedicated, customer-centric Business Information Service Provider located in the Manchester of South India – Coimbatore. With a growth-oriented approach towards empowering the Market Research industry, the market research firm was founded in 2016 by industrial and subject matter experts to deliver top-notch secondary market research and business Information Services.

Your Operating Cost, Our Priority

In addition to this, lessburn specializes in offering hyper-customized Digital Marketing and Business Support Services by utilizing advanced digital solutions across the globe. Be it a startup to multinational enterprises, lessburn renders strategic, creative and personalised approaches that ensure businesses to ‘burn less’ of their operational cost with a 2X return on their investment.

With an intensive 15+ years of experience in data and operations fields, Ramesh directed the operations team of one of the leading sales intelligence and business information research companies. To elevate the start-up to a solid product-based company, Ramesh has curated a cognitive approach to enrich their database with Ten million valid company profiles, thereby increasing the user base to a million quickly.

But not limiting himself to that, along with a strong desire to become a successful entrepreneur, Ramesh has started his business venture – lessburn. Started with two market researchers, the company has now grown with 200+ data research experts offering services for 20+ leading business intelligence providers across the globe.

Sharing the USPs that make lessburn stand out as the leading MR company, Ramesh says that the foremost step in building a reliable market research firm involves a thorough data vetting process to perfectly understand the clients’ needs and derive the use cases that specifically fit the requirements.

lessburn strictly adheres to the Eight-stages of the data vetting process, right from understanding the business problem statement, acquiring, extracting and transforming the existing data into reliable datasets to business making data-driven decisions based on the delivered data.

Your Business Intelligence, Our Promise

To ensure the accuracy of data, lessburn always identifies the right talent from the pool of resources and provides them with a detailed induction programme with comprehensive training on certification courses.

For constant and relentless improvement, the talent pool will be assessed with daily sample tests, weekly reviews, and fortnight feedback sessions and provides monthly awards for the best-performing data researchers who make an impact.

Highlighting the immersive benefits of his firm’s services to its global clientele, Ramesh says that as lessburn prioritizes learning and development at its kernel to stay relevant with the top market trends and technologies, the experienced research team provides a high-quality deliverable before the fixed Turnaround Time. As a recent accolade, lessburn has been recognized by a global data and intelligence provider from the Netherlands for delivering outputs with a 99.5% of the quality score with hand-curated data. To make the quality score 100%, lessburn plunged into a strategic initiative called ACCURATE to pilot a good data quality culture. ACCURATE is abbreviated to Actionable, Consistent, Completeness, Unique, Relevant, AnalyzableTimely, and Enriched.

lessburn has created an environment where the squad of data researchers truly understand the repercussions of delivering bad data and shields human error by following the sequence of objectives as in ACCURATE. By splitting the 200+ data researchers into multiple teams, lessburn hosts gamification techniques to enhance the quality culture.

So, with lessburn, our clients can expect precise and faster delivery of the data that can be relied on!” states Ramesh.

Your Insightful Decision-Making, Our Accuracy

Being an experienced leader, Ramesh shares his astute opinions on how technology is transforming the research sector and what advancements can be expected in the future. He believes that in this technological era, market research companies have stepped towards acquiring advancements in data collection approaches. With an evolution of AI and ML-based automation, most of the repeated, rule-based mundane data enrichment tasks will be eliminated, thereby slicing the time involved in the back-end operational efforts. With technological advancement, intent data providers show the online buyer behaviour that signals the possibility of purchasing intent. The increasing data availability rate to the users has allowed them to gain valuable insights more quickly and let anyone make decisions effectively based on it.

Tech-driven market research companies will speed up internal processes and streamline the costs associated with traditional market research techniques. The future of data collection will continue to evolve as both data researchers and data providers become tech-savvy.

Your Enrichment, Our Commitment 

Ramesh also strongly believes that, be it B2C or B2B, market research plays a crucial part in any of the business strategies. Market Research helps anyone to learn more about their target customers based on certain data types like firmographic, demographic, and chronograph (key business alerts). It allows businesses to market their product or services to the right audience, eventually helping them to positive conversions, thereby staying ahead of their competitors. To add value to these business intelligence providers, lessburn, with their pool of highly-qualified data researchers, supports with constant enrichment and cleansing of their data to keep up with timely and accurate information which ultimately helps the end users to rely on them.

Whenever needed, our expert team of data analysts, scientists, and market research specialists can validate the source by visiting, revisiting, and cross-checking with the physical place along with its digital platform. Today, all our national and international clients trust us to become their eyes and ears in the constantly evolving market,” he adds. lessburn also provides secondary market research and business information services to the primary researchers to substantiate their databases.

Your Success, Our Vision

In his advice to the aspirants willing to venture into the market research niche, Ramesh says, “Being a market researcher will never set one to boredom!” People might be sceptical about working in a market research firm as not aspirational. According to Ramesh, “Based on my experience, taking up a market researcher role will let one develop strong consulting skills and personal development; by communicating with people from different regions across the globe, it will aid to truly understand the customer behaviour and bridge the gap between market segments, various sectors, industry practices, job-roles, etc. Exposure to social and technological trends gives one plenty of room to learn and develop industrial practices.”

On envisioning the scaling lessburn’s scope and solutions in future, Ramesh divulges that the long-term goal is to establish lessburn as the leading Business Information and Market Research Service provider with not just data researchers but with a pool of highly qualified data analysts and data scientists who could deliver 100% quality data through 100% hand-curation.

Client Compliments for lessburn:

*“lessburn has allowed us to expand our marketing and support teams without expanding our budget. It’s the perfect solution for any new business on a budget!” – Brett Miller, Founder and CEO, Brik.

*“lessburn team is focused on growth-related metrics such as marketing qualified leads and not vanity metrics such as impressions and clicks. I sensed the difference with lessburn’s SEO team over a period of three months. It was a real pleasure working with a team that focuses on client’s needs.” – Sam Moses, Head of Growth, Heptagon.

*“The SEO team at lessburn has clearly audited our website and came up with a six months strategy to pull the relevant audience from our target market. Yes, they did it well, and we are outperforming now.” – Yaagnesh, Head of Marketing, Fiind.

*“Sourcing the Decision Makers contact info is critical for any product promotion. lessburn team has made it in a simple way and supported us to reach out to the decision makers of RFP processes easier!” – Manish Bafna, Founder and CTO, RFPIO.

*“Having the right agency like lessburn for a SaaS-based company plays a vital role in growth. They have proved in terms of reaching out to more potential audiences with growth hacks on social media and email marketing in place and delivered the result in our user acquisition metrics.” – Dhruv Suryaprakasan, Founder and CEO, iCliniq.

*“The team saves more than half our budget spent on having in-house resources. They also deliver 2X results with high-quality data in place.” – Yoram Wijngaarde, Founder and CEO, Dealroom.

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