LiaisonIT: Customized Solutions for Preeminent Business Problems

Anant Mishra | Director | Operations, LIAISONIT

Where there is life, there are problems. And more often than not, the solutions lie within the reach. All we need to do is introspect and look for points that prove hindrance to growth.

Anant Mishra, Director of Operations, APAC, LiaisonIT, helps businesses find these functional issues and help plan business growth. Here’s how:

What is your vision behind your startup? Tell us how the idea came about.

While we were studying the facts that check the scalability of a startup, our study revealed what curbs the efforts vs achievement growth and as worrisome as it sounds, the hindrance lies somewhere amid the functional cores. This is where the vision of setting up the right cores and captives was born. We believed we could neutrally align the irrational and erratic problems to a position that serves the efforts and delivers results.

To which, while we let them set up the nodes of their domain, we help them accelerate the process by setting up an extended arm of their business operations, drawing their business growth hacks – in concise. Consider us, your in-house team to set up your captives and captivate your proximity.

What services/products/solutions do you offer?

LiaisonIT was setup as an integral move to captivate businesses with the right framework, we grew beyond the offset and fell in the shoes of management consulting after successfully delivering custom-crafted solutions to preeminent problems. We are an outsourcing organization to all your needs, that can build up your presence without a hitch. We set up the required captive based on your values, ethics, and principles, coupling in mind the right needs for your business to help your operations operate smoothly and in the parallel note, craft an extended business development arm for your business.

Running around a requirement analysis, deep diving within the analysis is the approach to setting up the right manpower. This is done by an enriched team of equation balancers and problem solvers. The experience of handling the right team and a balanced delivery mentions us in high spirits.

Disruption is the key here! To be fairly precise, we work on the 3 cores of any business, marketing, operations, and sales actively called the MOS fulcrum of the business.

What were the challenges you came across during the inception of your startup and in COVID 19?

This pandemic taught us LIFE and is still taking us by surprise every day. We’ve revamped the whole working policy for the organization and are more empathetic than ever. While we incubate and practice design thinking, we are intrinsically absorbed towards understanding the impact in a better way.

Our motto is to set up an actual growth for the business chain to which we build up the required framework based on their values, ethics, and principles, coupling in mind the right needs for the business to support their operations. We undertook a major shift within our own principles and started working towards a major shift within the organization’s delivery module. We shifted from being management consultants towards delivering IT solutions, bridging the digital gap for the smaller segment of clientele and the journey was pretty interesting wherein we stood at a 1500% increase in our NET revenue during the pandemic itself.

As the founder/CEO, what is your opinion on the current landscape of startup culture in India?

In my opinion, this is a great time to be in the startup business as you are not alone. Today everyone’s mental shift is to do something innovative, to create a sustainable economy, and to ensure financially there is a 2nd source of income as the pandemic has taught that you cannot survive if you don’t have options. Start-ups are not easy, and I can say that with my own experience. If you are doing it alone, you actually require every minute of a day to perform and execute your foundation plans. If you have a team, you have to ensure that as a team the vision is being met and goals are achieved. Today the startup culture is more collaborative and in co-creation mode. Everyone is realizing the need to support each other to ensure we are creating an ecosystem where we can all thrive prosperously. The startup landscape is very progressive & dynamic natured, holding great potential for those who have the zeal to invest their efforts in starting and building a startup.

According to you, how important is it to be updated with technology as per your industry sector? And How do you strategies on scaling your company in the future?

LiaisonIT is a company that started in the digital era and boomed in the super digital era (during & post-pandemic period). Technology is our enabler through which we ensure we are able to scale and support business in different verticals. Today we live in such times, where there is an app or software available for most of our requirements especially when you have to ensure you are digitally scaling your client’s organization.

Within our setup, we ensure that we have continuous upskilling programs and learning events for all our team members from all the verticals. We make sure everyone is updated or in the process of getting updated to the current trends in technology, specific to their domain. Along with learning, we believe in hands-on experience and ensure to apply the new knowledge learned to our internal strategies or on our client projects.

We have some unique strategies in the process of getting finalized to ensure that LiaisonIT as an organization is able to spread across multiple cities and countries so that we can create a digital scaling ecosystem for different organizations.

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