Sachin Mannocha | Group CEO | MICE AFFAIRS MEDIA GROUP

In this day and age, media houses play a vital role in relaying appropriate information amongst the masses. To get the clear picture of what is going on in the society is very important and a good media house enables just that. A media outlet has a responsibility to provide fair and right news or report to the public.

One such media house staying true to its roots while facilitating right news to the audience is MICE AFFAIRS MEDIA GROUP. Sachin Mannocha, the Group CEO is spearheading this media outlet on its way to the top. In this exclusive interview with Insights Success, read what Sachin has to say about the dynamics of a robust media house:

1. What is your vision behind your startup? Tell us how the idea came about.

It was a passion for me to take the offbeat roads to any business line. After having worked for more than 18 years in Travel, MICE, Exhibition Industry, it was more like a dream to start a media firm and dream came true with time when I had to bid good bye to 9 to 6 PM work life and ventured into my dream to follow my passion. Today we have 3 media platforms around my interest area i.e. Travel, MICE, and Association Business. So, following dreams and passion led us here today.

2. What services/products/solutions do you offer?

We offer News Coverage for MICE, Travel and Association Business. We were the first media house in India who launched a dedicated news portal for Association Business. Apart focused MICE Publication was also the first one from India which is covering all verticals of MICE together. Moreover, we do organize Business Connecting Workshops, Conferences and Seminars. Recently we have concluded three-day Virtual Expo and Conference named Life Expo 2020 bringing together 2000 + Delegates and 45 + International Speakers from various domains.

3. What were the challenges you came across during the inception of your startup and in

Key challenges we faced at the start were working within budgets, taking brand name to key players in the market and covering expenses. What we have realized, your startup has to be given treatment like your own baby, you have to nurture, care and handle it in same manner and passion. And that’s what we did and things came on the way. Moreover, being focused has been the key for us.

4. As the founder/CEO, what is your opinion on the current landscape of startup culture in

As far as we think, startup culture in India is more focused on getting funding and then selling your dreams to others for short term benefits. It’s a very short game as per my opinion. Young Entrepreneurs should think a step ahead and nurture their dream projects before asking for funding. Just let the strong investors chase you for your success model.

5. According to you, how important is it to be updated with technology as per your industry sector? And How do you strategize on scaling your company in the future?
There is a paradigm shift, if any industry is not flexible enough to adapt, I am afraid they shall be able to compete or not or may be even exist in market.
For us, we are open for collaborations in next phase and looking out for more partners across the globe to make our start up a global brand.

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